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Winter Lifestyle & Beauty Discoveries to keep all year long

winter lifestyle discoveries to keep all year long 35mminstyle

The Ufo oil by Sunday Riley, poems Ariel by Silvia Plath, film rolls are some of my winter lifestyle & beauty discoveries to keep all year long.


Winter Lifestyle & Beauty Discoveries to keep all year long


Canon 5D mark II





Spring is coming towards us really fast in Italy, so I have listed down some of my favourite products I collected this winter. Most of them are perfect all year long. So let’s start with lifestyle bits.

winter lifestyle discoveries to keep all year long 35mminstyle

Lifestyle Favourites

Book – Ariel by Silvia Plath

I rise with my red hair

and I eat men like air

Lady Lazarus by Silvia Plath

Everything I can say is that I have always heard people talking of the poetry of this woman in a very positive and feminist way but never had I red one poem. So I found this collection called Ariel on Amazon and I totally agree with her careless writing. She is indeed a feminist model, right before Rupi Kaur or Charlie Cox, Silvia Plath is the one to read. Plus Lana del Rey latest song ‘hope is a dangerous thing for a women like me but I have it’ quotes her.

Film rolls – Fujifilm 400 iso

This winter I lost my inspiration for film photography – well I lost my main inspiration – but now I am re-channelling everything on myself. I don’t need someone to inspire me, I shoot because my soul has to express itself this way. The re-appropriation of this belief has brought me to love back those Fujifilm film rolls. The intense red and green colours are my fav now in developed 35mm photographs. See some examples on my portfolio here: Dirty Waters .

Home Decor

With spring coming over I feel like my house needs a little change. For instance I just bought a matress from Ikea, some new little succulents and my catnip for Gigi is growing strong and scented.


Beauty Favourites

The U.F.O. oil by Sunday Riley

I couldn’t resist on the 20% off Sunday Riley products on Cult Beauty. So for the first time I bought a new oil other than my classic Luna oil (I talked of it here)- The UFO oil is perfect to clear skin and to keep acne and blemishes under control. It contains a little bit of salicylic acid in order to do so. I am only struggling with the smell of it because it is hideous, something like rotten zucchini. Color is a bright green and consistency is very light but it takes ages to fully absorb. What I am happy about is that it does what it says, my skin is now less spotty and irritated thanks to it.

what’s in the pic: Sunday Riley UFO oil / Morphe Highlight / IntheFrow The Fashion Rules / Silvia Plath Ariel / Fujifilm 400 iso

Morphe Highlight in Spark

This highlight from Morphe is super pigmented and so soft (fake creamy) on the skin. It leaves a beautiful champagne shiny colour on the upper cheeks. Honestly I would wear it as an eyeshadow too.

winter lifestyle discoveries to keep all year long 35mminstyle

And you? What would you take to spring with you? Let me know in the comments below.

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winter lifestyle and beauty discoveries

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