Cass Art January Challenge #BeInspired with 35mm in style

#BeInspired – First Cass Art Challenge

Cass Art January Challenge #BeInspired with 35mm in style

First post of 2017 and we are going to start with a bang. There is a little story behind this post: as a blogger, last year I was contacted to know whether I might have an interest in the opening of a new art supplier shop in Brighton called Cass Art. I read their story, went to the opening and omg the place was stunning. And yes, I did buy a few things, including some water color sprays.

Please bear in mind I am absolutely terrible in drawing; instead I have always had a soft side on calligraphy, writing and getting dirty. I always end up pretty colourful. Last month, Cass Art got in touch again because they are running a challenge and I have accepted. Of course. Keep reading because I am going to explain you what it is all about.



Cass Art Challenge

Cass Art Challenge #BeInspired with 35mm in style

Cass Art* is an art’s supplies retailer with shops located in many cities of the UK. They sell everything art-related and how they structured the shop is lovely. For bloggers, it really feels good  because everything in it is so instagrammable.

Anyway Cass Art‘s aim is to fill every town with artists and what better way then if not to include bloggers? Let me explain this collaboration.

Cass Art January Challenge #BeInspired with 35mm in style


The Cass Art Challenge

The collaboration consists of a new challenge every month. To this extent, I was asked to choose a pack with mysterious art-related items. I chose the Watercolour Pack and I have to say it is wonderful. I am genuinely impressed. Others were the Oil, Acrylic, Drawing & Graphic and Craft Packs. Then we have to test the product and create something out of them.


The Watercolour Pack: what’s in it

  • Ecoline in a bright blue color: it’s a proper liquid bright blue perfect for writing
  • Cass Art Sable Brushes Set of 5: the perfect set if you want to start out. I really like brush number 8, the biggest of the set
  • Winson & Newton Watercolour Painting Set: this is just dreamy. The tiniest blocks of colour I have ever seen.
  • Cass Art 50 Sheets: this is a really strong paper that has to deal with water. I love the size but for some real project I would use something bigger.



January Challenge: #BeInspired

This month’s challenge is how you interpret the campaign motto #BeInspired by using the products they sent you. I discovered how I prefer writing instead of drawing because I have zero patience. Recreating what you have in mind takes time while instead I want it immediately. Again, zero patience.

Cass Art Challenge Be Inspired 35mm in style

Anyway I have left myself free and this is what came out of it:

a person who is smoking and the smoke that has been inhaled is now going out filled with his/her dreams. Viceversa, the smoke from outside captures colours that go back inside that person.

Surely there isn’t only one interpretation and there is also a melancholic wave in what I create. Then I used the Ecoline in the bright blue to write “Be Inspired” – I love how imperfect the colour is. In some curves is more intense whereas in others is softer which makes it appear just like true water.

Cass Art Challenge January 35mm in style


My source of inspiration is surely around me. I cannot define where I get inspiration from but mostly is people. I feed of charismatic people, my creative side needs it. I then express it differently, for instance when I feel very down and lonely, I write poetry. Photography is then how I truly express myself. Drawing and painting is still an unknown area for me.

Above all I noticed that experimenting with every sense is what truly inspires me. The senses of smell and touch are vital. For instance in my drawing here I got tired of colouring with brushes the normal way so I started blowing on them. Ending up with lovely dots on the paper and a dirty face! But what a technique!

Final considerations

I already had a previous encounter with Cass Art products and even this time I am fully convinced. The quality is really high, they always have offers online and in the shop, a student discount and the variety of products is wide. Pop inside if you can and be ready for the next challenge. I can’t wait to see what I can do next!

Have you ever tried Cass Art products before?

xx, Cate

*These products have been sent to review by Cass Art.

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