Honest review of Skinny Coffee Club Instant Edition

An Honest Review of Skinny Coffee Club Instant Edition

Honest review of Skinny Coffee Club Instant Edition

Today I am sharing my experience with Skinny Coffee Club with their new addition to their line: the Instant Edition coffee blend. 


An Honest Review of Skinny Coffee Club

Instant Edition

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Honest review of Skinny Coffee Club Instant Edition

This post is not sponsored by Skinny Coffee Club 

I am writing about my experience with Skinny Coffee Club, an honest review of their weight loss program with their new coffee Instant Edition. Skinny Coffee Club got in touch with me to let me try out their product and upload a few pictures on Instagram. I wanted to do more because when we talk about health and lifestyle is important to be serious. I have tried and talked about my experience with Skinny Coffee Club a few years ago, read the dedicated blog post.


Honest review of Skinny Coffee Club Instant EditionWhat is Skinny Coffee Club?

Skinny Coffee Club is basically coffee that helps you stimulate your metabolism. You receive home one or more packs of 28 days weight loss program and some guidelines to follow in order to achieve the best results. Through the website they show some before and after transformations.

Ideally what you should do with the 28 days loss program is:

  • drink a cup of coffee everyday (of course!), recommended in the morning since it gives you the best energy throughout the day
  • follow their diet suggestions
  • follow an exercise plan: exercise at least 3 times a week by yourself or following their guidelines

Nothing has changed from last time. Same routine but this time the blend should act faster. After all, its an Instant Edition.


My experience

Okay, I will be honest and say I started quite negative given my previous experience (check it here) but with my surprise day 1 was the best ever!

At work, I was fully awake all the time! Bear in mind I am an e-commerce photographer so there are days where I am only sitting behind a desk editing and others where I am either shooting and editing. Well, the first day I was doing both and I had a lot of energy. To my surprise, at the end of the day I was happy and full of energy.

So I decided to repeat the routine the day after. Drunk a cup of coffee in the morning and straight to work. Nothing particular to say. I was tired after lunch as usual, quite gloomy and my biggest disappointment was the reflection of the coffee on my face. I got hideous spots and irritations on my face.

I thought of pre-period time, of eating badly, or change of skincare routine but none of the above where happening. It was instead my body trying to get rid of that coffee.

After having tried the normal version of the coffee, I changed my habits and started drinking almost 2l of water per day, eating healthier, exercising constantly and I have also found a good skincare routine for acne-prone/mixed skin (read more about it here). Therefore, all the clues pointed towards the Instant Edition coffee.

As for taste, arghhh, I am not the biggest fan of coffee but I do appreciate American coffee more than the Italian expresso (I know don’t judge me!) and the Instant Edition tastes like dirt water.

Final Thoughts

Skinny Coffee Club is definitely not worth it. It doesn’t work out, at least for me. The blend tastes hideous and it makes my skin worse. I do believe that with some good exercise and an healthy diet you will be able to be fitter and happier. I am now following Sarah’s Day exercise routine and omg! that is intense but so rewarding and actually fun! Believe me I am not a sport machine kind of girl, but I do find Sarah’s exercises pretty awesome.

Now I will answer back to all the Skinny Coffee Club promises!

 Coffee Promises

  • 92% seen visible results in the first week

ahahah! isn’t a little too much? And can you please define me visible results?

  • 94% said they lost weight fast

fast compared to what?

  • 95% had Decreased Hunger

is it a positive thing?

  • 97% experienced increased motivation & energy

I want it toooooo! why it never happens to me and I have to take acids instead? (kidding)

  • 97% had a reduction of bloating

how do you measure this? can I know?

  • 92% had improved complexion or radiant glow

NO NO NO! why not me??

  • 99% said it was simple

LOL. (I can’t actually believe they wrote this)

  • 99% said it tastes great

Surely you have never eaten good food then.

  • 94% woke up feeling slimmer

I always wake up feeling slimmer, sorry to tear your castles on air down but it the metabolism working in the night that slimmers you

  • 94% slept better


Awww to me their promises and assumptions are so unreal and I can’t actually believe that so many people can’t criticise and instead fall for these things. Also I can’t believe how so many bloggers accept to write what they ask you, say ‘it’s a great coffee’, ‘it tastes good’ and free advertisement worldwide. I always try to say how crappy it is and to be real.


Have you have had some similar experience? I know there are some other products in the market like Cocoa for great hair or some teas. Of course not all are bad, but some are really insane.

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