an Urban Outfitters home

My Urban Outfitters Home

My Urban Outfitters Home 35mminstyle

My Urban Outfitters Home is a little preview of my dream home. The one I am currently styling with bits and bobs from mainly UO.


My Urban Outfitters Home


Ferrara, Italy




Canon 5D Mark II

My Urban Outfitters Home 35mminstyle

Urban Outfitters Magazine Holder for Walls –

A little update on my life should be that I am finally moving to my small apartment and that I am re arranging the existing furniture with new ones. Let’s just say my main influence is Urban Outfitters. Pretty much everything I like, home-wise, they have it. Also, it’s still sale time, which means the perfect time to make great purchases.

1. UO Homeware

I have started last month to order stuff online and by stuff I mean: a huge grey rug, a small bathroom rug shaped as winky cloud, a mandala rug, a wall magazine holder in rose gold, plants and so much more. Luckily, I have collected some of them even last year but still right now I enjoy homeware shopping more than clothes shopping, which for me, is a new beginning.

My Urban Outfitters Home 35mminstyle

Above: Primark No Probllama Pillow. Below: Magazines / Paperchase Photo Albums

My Urban Outfitters Home 35mminstyle My Urban Outfitters Home 35mminstyle

ASOS Unicorn Rings Holder /

2. H&M Home & Primark Home

Another two low cost brands with a dedicated home section are H&M and Primark. Their Home section is just fabolous. I have recently found marble and dark lining sheets, mandala tea towels and shabby candles.

My Urban Outfitters Home 35mminstyle

Above: Stradivarius Tropical Garlands and Post-it / Below: Primark Scented Candle

My Urban Outfitters Home 35mminstyle

3. Jynx & Ikea

Jynx is a Danish homeware shop, similar to Ikea, but smaller in dimension and not so crowded with people. From them, I bought so many nice kitchen tools that I will show you soon. Then, I couldn’t mention Ikea and its adorable (read: never ending) DIY furnitures. I bought one rough wooden furniture and two bedside tables (one done while the other is still in the box!).

4. Curtains Market*

My apartments has two balconies, the sun rises towards one and goes down to the other, leaving my apartments a living oven. To this extent, curtains are fundamental and my research starts from Curtains Market. Their online site offers a great variety of curtains for every room with filters for every need. I want a modern style with a eco-friendly touch and these thermal curtains might be what I am looking for.

Overall, the process of decoration of my new home is still going but my precise idea is that Urban Outfitters look. I feel like living room and kitchen are very close to my final idea whereas the bedroom still needs some changes. I will keep you updated but for now I will leave you with my Homeware Wishlist.


Do you have homeware shops to suggest me? Let me know!!
xx Cate

*This post is written in collaboration with Curtains Market

My Urban Outfitters Home 35mminstyle

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