Protecting Your Peace In A Modern World

Protecting your peace means you’re focused on you. You know you’ve only got one life to live and you’re certain you’re going to live it doing things you love, and minimising the noise blowing in from elsewhere. That makes it a good way to live! You’re aiming to be independent and self sustainable, but you know a good friend when you see one; it all adds up into a lovely little peaceful bubble that keeps you happy. 

However, the modern world can often break through this bubble, in very intrusive and sometimes unforgivable ways. That’s why you need to stay up to date on mental and physical health practices, and that’s rarely done in private. Your peace is yours and it deserves protecting, but you can only do that if you keep an eye on the world in the background. 

Be Mindful a Little More Often

Being mindful means being in the moment. You’re aware of what’s going on around you and that’s all you seek to be aware of. And most often, this doesn’t even require meditating and feeling your body bit by bit – although we do recommend using meditation to help keep stress levels to a minimum. 

All you need to do is tell yourself that the only thing that matters is right here and right now, and anything that could happen tomorrow is tomorrow’s problem. Use the present like a little bit of forever and make a pact with yourself to really enjoy the peace you’re experiencing. In truth, all we have is right now. 

If a friend has got you worried about an argument or you’re concerned about something going on at work that could impact your life, don’t let the panic overwhelm you. Be mindful and enjoy this time; no one can take a bit of peace and quiet from you. 

Start a Journal

Journalling is a good way to check in on yourself. Not only will it help you get out your emotions in a safe and productive manner, but you can check back through the pages and identify common moods and potentially harmful patterns. 

When you do this, you give yourself the power over your feelings; they can’t be controlled, but the way you react to them definitely can. When you want your life to be peaceful, you need to reflect in a manner like this. 

Be as Safe Online as You are Offline

Everyone spends a lot of time online these days, whether you’re a fan of social media or not. As such, make sure you’re as safe using the internet as you are when you’re headed out and about. Try to limit usage of your real name and be very careful what’s in the background of any pictures you post. 

From time to time you may also need to safeguard your location against the online world. Learn how to change ip address on your mac just in case; you never know when you might need to switch this ‘address’ just in case your information becomes compromised. 

All in all, don’t be afraid of using the internet in the ways you like. Just make sure you have both anti virus and anti malware software installed on your PC, and think about using an adblocker when visiting websites for the first time. You never know what they might be hosting! 

Say No without Compromising

‘No is a complete sentence’ is a very common saying these days. If you’re someone who wants to protect their peace in the modern world, it’s one you should adopt. If you struggle to say no to people and/or reinforce the boundaries you’ve already set, saying no and then refusing to explain any further can be very good for you. 

After all, a lot of people take without even thinking about giving back, and you should never be at their mercy. It really isn’t a problem to say no to the people who are supposed to love you; if they really do, they’re going to understand and it isn’t going to cause any further problems. 

The modern world can be very disruptive. If you’re the kind of person who’s in sore need of a bit of peace protection, don’t let the noise hold you back any longer. Stay in touch with yourself by learning to say no, but always have an ear out for what’s going on around you. The better your perception, the easier it’ll be to have a relaxing day at home! 

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