Honest Review of Skinny Coffee Club 35mminstyle

An Honest Review of Skinny Coffee Club

Honest Review of Skinny Coffee Club 35mminstyle

I am writing about my experience with Skinny Coffee Club, an honest review of their weight loss program. Skinny Coffee Club got in touch with me to let me try out their product and upload a few pictures on Instagram. I wanted to do more because when we talk about health and lifestyle is important to be serious.


Skinny Coffee Club

An Honest Review of Skinny Coffee Club

Honest Review of Skinny Coffee Club 35mminstyle


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What is Skinny Coffee Club?

Skinny Coffee Club is basically coffee that helps you stimulate your metabolism. You receive home one or more packs of 28 days weight loss program and some guidelines to follow in order to achieve the best results. Through the website they show some before and after transformations.

Ideally what you should do with the 28 days loss program is:

    • drink a cup of coffee everyday (of course!), recommended in the morning since it gives you the best energy throughout the day
    • follow their diet suggestions
  • follow an exercise plan: exercise at least 3 times a week by yourself or following their guidelines

Until now everything looks fine. Like every super critical girl, I am always craving for a better body, a nicer skin, feeling more confortable with myself and when people sell you this with noticeble evidence, I am all in. Please be careful and use your heads. I will now tell you my honest view of the coffee.

Honest Review of Skinny Coffee Club 35mminstyle

My experience

First of all you should know I am the only Italian who doesn’t like coffee but this is not a very strong coffee: long, watery and I have no problem drinking it. It is like an American coffee, in fact the way to do it is to use a French press that I don’t own but this is another story. It’s coffee and like tea and chocolate is partially addictive.

The way to get the best results is to exercise with constance and I can take this  point off my list since I use to move a lot, go to swim (aqua aerobics to be honest) and go to the gym.

In addition, they suggest you to follow their diet program. Now this is the part I was most worried about. And I was right. Their diet regime consists of cutting every white carbs (rice included), source of sugar (fruit included) while eating meat, fish, vegetables, spices and add cinnamon everywhere if you like it (hilarious to me).

Anyway this sort of diet, which I followed for 1 day made me very upset plus it is not good for your health. Whether you are vegan or not, your body needs a lot of ingredients to function and by cutting half of them, yes you do lose weight quickly but you also damage your metabolism meaning that when the diet is done (let’s say the one month program or two months program) you gain back more weight without being able to stabilise how much you introduce and consume.

If someone wants to follow a diet, they need to go to a dietician or to some other specialist because we don’t have the same metabolism, we don’t all have the same eating habits and we need a customised diet. The Skinny Coffee Club diet is absolutely a dangerous one. Cutting fruit means not introducing vitamins that are vital even for a stupid thing like beating the cold. And this is the dumbest example I could ever make but it gives you the point straight and clear.

Honest Review of Skinny Coffee Club 35mminstyle

what I am wearing: Rayban round sunnies / Topshop Bomber Jacket / Nike Hoodie / Primark Midi Knit Dress / Vans Old Skool

Honest Review of Skinny Coffee Club 35mminstyle

Final Thoughts

From me you will get a yes for the coffee (quite good), a yes to the promotion of sport and exercise but a big no to the diet suggestion. I will now go through all the bullet points SCC has on their site saying if they have been proven right or not for me.


 Clinically Proven To Lose Weight Fast

Well, we have talked about this one a lot. Yes, you lose weight fast but when you gain it back and it is even more difficult to get rid of.

See Visible Results In Just One Week

Bit too much. If you cut everything they say, then yes, highly possible. Otherwise, you will need to be patient and constant to see some visible results. With me, it has taken 4 weeks.

Trusted By Over 75,000 People

How is this count even made?

Works Without Exercise

No no no. If you just drink coffee, you just drink coffee.

Improves Complexion – Radiant Glow

Ehmmm. I really had high expectations on this point but none of them turned true. My skin is the same as always, reddish to be honest but I blame the chilly weather for this.

Increases Energy Levels

Ahahah hilarious even this one. No… I am not more energetic because I take the coffee every single morning, I am exactly the same. Same energy, same me. But I guess this one is very personal.

Simple, Tasty And Gets Fast Results.

Yes, very tasty but normal results I would say. Following a good diet, doing exercise constantly and drinking this coffee has made me feel lighter. I am the same weight as one month ago but my aim wasn’t losing weight but feeling strong and tonic. In this, yes it has helped me. Add drinking 2l of water daily, exercise a lot, trying to eat healthy and yes you can see results. As everything, it is a myth to get visible results with no commitment and hard work.

Have you tried Skinny Coffee Club yourself? Do you have a different view from mine?

Let me know. xo xo Cate


This post is not sponsored by Skinny Coffee Club 

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