Pinstokill Leggings 35mm in style

Enter the Pinstokill Circus

Enter the Pinstokill circus with me. Colorful leggings are a statement in my wardrobe. Keep reading for more info about the Pinstokill leggings brand.

Enter the Pinstokill Circus

Pinstokill is an Australian brand specialized in leggings, I have been in touch with them since their launching day in January this year, but for some shipping problems I received my pair of leggings only now. (You can read my excitement through the lines, right?)

Pinstokill leggings* x
Brandy & Melville knit(old)
Quay sunglasses x
Vans x

If you have a quick look on the Pinstokill Instagram account (@pinstokill) you’ll see how many dancers perform this position. I totally failed. XD I used to be more elastic when I did ballet and dance classes but that was long ago….! I was: “sure! give me a sec, I’ll do it too!”. Nope. My back said nope is capital letters!
Anyway the idea for this look was a working in progress and we ended up with a Circus situation. I asked Ines to take the pictures and in exchange she could have done any type of make up she wanted on me. Bargain.


This leggings are like a second skin; I opted for a Medium size but they are a little bit longer so I guess a Small would have fitted me as well. Anyhow, the lycra/spandex material makes it soft and smooth plus the variety of prints is endless. I loved having this geometric pastel version of primary colors all in one place.
I then paired the whole outfit up with a simple plain dark grey sweater and small Quay sunglasses (have you noticed how wide are Quay sunglasses?! well, these aren’t!!!!). To keep it grunge and casual as usual, I am wearing my beloved Vans.
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To recreate this look there will be:
  • One post on the blog coming soon
  • The super detailed post on Ines’ blog (I could never do that! She’s great) here


Camera: Canon 5D Mark III
Lens: Need to ask Ines, sorry bad memory

Photo + Make-up: Ines @goldenwolves

Hope you liked this look. Let me know if you have ever heard of Pinstokill before!

*These items have been sent to me to review. This is not a paid post and I am giving my own opinion.


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