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Once Upon A Scent My Perfume Collection

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Once Upon A Scent

My Perfume Collection

I seriously can’t live without perfumes; and by this, I mean any sort of smell: the smell of soft rain, the dense smell of a cosy house or the smell of summer countryside. If I had to choose one of the five senses, I’d go for the sense of smell

To this extent, I’ve recently come upon a very nice article* (I also mention it in my autumn magazine haul video) that perfectly summarize my thought on perfumes.

It was stated how nowadays people only buy perfumes according to the name of the product and not for the actual scent, which is mostly due to marketing strategies that use singers popularity and influence (One Direction, Katy Perry, J.Lo, Lady Gaga, the list is endless) to direct people’s choice.

Likewise, it happens with big fashion names in perfumes, such as all Diors (J’adore, Miss Dior, the Poison series) or Chanels (I honestly don’t like Chanel n°5, and I wouldn’t buy it only for its status symbol).

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I absolutely agree with the writer and I think we, perfume-lovers, should make an effort, forget about the brand and concentrate on the fragrance. Perfume are essences of our inner self and personality, it is something we decide to wear and it talks of us to people. As a subtle business card.

Perfumes are bought instinctively

When it comes to perfumes, I am an instinctive buyer. I go into the shop and I choose perfume in the next 10 minutes thanks to a combination of my mood and my favourite scents. I am a fan of strong scents with spicy flowers and wooden notes and I can’t stand fragrances with a citrus or candy core.

Then, there is my mum, who is obviously better than me in choosing perfumes because she uses a more rational method. First, she tries them on and then waits for the reaction with her skin (we all have a different reaction due to our personal body odour) to see if she still likes it or if it has changed. Brilliant but unfortunately I am not that patient.

perfume collection 35mminstyle
perfume collection 35mminstyle

Back to me, I am also really weird, because I can’t have the same perfume for more than 3/4 months. I got so tired of it that I cannot even wear it anymore because it gets me sick. That’s also the reason why I always buy the smallest jar.

Right now, I have two main perfumes, one stronger (Jo Malone – Wood Sage & Sea Salt) and a more delicate one (Burberry – Body, Rose Gold Limited Ed.).

For some even weirder reason, this Jo Malone scent doesn’t smell of the sea, sand nor wood for me. I actually can’t say what it smells like. And this is the first time. Ever. Nonetheless, I adore it. Body instead it reminds so much of English rose gardens, Downton Abbey-esque (yes, I am a fan).

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Furthermore, most of my perfumes are associated with a specific place I’ve been to. That’s why I keep them: they hide lost memories safely.

Specifically, some perfumes are intoxicated with my high school memories and others with travel memories. Now, I’d say something about La Madeleine of Proust but I’ll avoid it for your sake.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure linking perfume scents with memories happens to you too. For instance, this small sun bottle in the picture above reminds me of a school trip along La Cote d’Azur, France back in 2008. Then Princess of Vera Wang is London and Coco Noir is NYC.

My favourite Parfumes

my favourite perfumes 35mminstyle
Burberry – Body, Rose Gold2/54/5/1/5/
Chanel – Coco Noir3/53/51/52/5/
Jo Malone – Wood Sage & Sea Salt5/51/53/52/5
Hermès – Elixir des Merveilles5/52/5/4/55/5
Zadig&Voltaire – La Pureté 5/52/52/55/5/
Dsquared – Wood4/52/55/52/5/
Gucci – Eau de Parfum (brown)4/5/4/53/5/
Bulgari – Omnia Crystalline 4/52/5/4/5/
Chanel – Coco Mademoiselle 3/54/51/53/5/
Chanel – Allure Sensuelle4/53/51/53/5/
Vera Wang – Princess  2/55/5/1/5/
Fragonard – Grain de Soleil 4/51/51/55/5/

So guys, do you have specific memories tied up to perfumes? And what are your favs? I am sure you’re perfume addicted as I am. Let me know in the comments below(:

* source: InStyle UK, Nov.14, p.207, article by Cassie Steer
** Fragonard is actually a perfume factory.
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