born country 35mminstyle

Born Country

I have been in touch with which allow me to shoot this editorial called Born Country due to my countryside roots. Yes, chicken is included, like some American Lana del Rey vibes.


Born Country


Chiesuol del Fosso, Italy


@valsucci3 + @elebalbo


Canon 5D Mark II

Little Intro – Born Country

First of all, let me say I needed to go back to my beloved countryside. Born Country is a blog post but mainly an editorial which shows my background and my biggest love. No matter what, I would always love the open spaces and those fields with no boundaries more than any other place in the world. I am not a mountain or a seaside girl, I am neither a city girl, what I definitely am, is a born and raise country girl.

Sorry for the long intro but I will make it up to you and immediately introduce you to a very much American inspired outfit. Those USA flag shorts and the trouble tee will be my combo.

Born Country 35mminstyle

A review of

The Trouble Tee

The Trouble Tee* is one thick off white cotton t-shirt with red hems and writings. Of course I firstly thought of Lana del Rey and her vintage songs. That dreamed old America made of troubled poetic girls and lonesome journeys long the road. Yes, I channeled my best Beat generation idea, grab a chicken and enjoyed the moment.

With that tee, I added a pair of Topshop short that were on sale (!!) with a big showing American flag on the back. Luckily for me, they are a pair of Mom jeans, meaning they do suit my curvy body. As for accessories, I added my oldest pair of Vans and the Rayban Clubmaster. Do I have to mention my post on the Holy Trinity again? Rayban Holy Trinity!

Born Country 35mminstyle

What I am wearing: Trouble Tee* / Topshop American Flag Mom Shorts  (still on sale!!!!) / Rayban Clubmaster / Vans

Born Country 35mminstyle

Born Country 35mminstyleBorn Country 35mminstyle

Born Country 35mminstyle

Hope you liked this different post, location is actually my home, we do have chickens, and behind this, there is my grandma running after me all the time. She has definitely more energy than me.

In total honesty, if I have taken even 1/3 from her, I would be incredibly grateful! Also thanks to my friends whom stick to my crazy shooting ideas without complaining too much! Love you!

And you? Which/where is your happy place?

xo Cate

*These items have been gifted to me to review.

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