red plaid mom jeans

Red Plaid + Mom Jeans

you drew a question mark…

what I’m wearing:
American Apparel hat – x
Mango Coat
H&M Grey Sweater
H&M Belt
New Look Mom Jeans
River Island Boots
Ray-ban Sunnies
Urban Outfitters Necklace
Brandy & Melville Backpack
If you have seen my video “Urban Grunge Lookbook” this is the second outfit; if you haven’t, head over here on youtube.
This outfit perfectly shows my love for the grungy 90s atmosphere. I love mom jeans and it’s not true that they only fit skinny girls. For sure, you have to add layers on them as for my Mango coat (2 years old already – what!!) Nonetheless, I stayed with neutral plain colours because the backpack is a bright red. Thank goodness backpacks are back on-trend: they are so comfy and big. Now I only have to invest in a more classic version and yes my mind is already imagining the Mulberry backpack… *daydreaming*


what do you guys think? what’s your fav fashion decade?

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song at the beginning: Up – Olly Murs ft. Demi Lovato

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