Missguided babe in a little black dress

A Casual Black Dress from Missguided

A total black outfit with a leather jacket, a beautiful Missguided little black dress and some gorgeous accessories for some Brooklyn vibes.

Missguided Babe

Casual Black Dress

This is a late summer shoot. Sun was still up in the sky whereas today, while I’m writing, all I can see from my window is a dull grey sky. And fog. Damn it. I haven’t miss it one second. Going back to the brightside, as you may guess these pictures were taken at sunset, my favourite time of the day. Except for mosquitos biting us every second.
Also have to say that there are some Brooklyn vibes here. Maybe it is how I am dressed or just the sun but it made me come back to mind my day wandering around DUMBO and then getting lost in the West Village. The way I miss my American friends is ridiculous. Half my heart is there.

Anyway I have loved shooting in my home town with one of my closest friend whom I don’t see so often because she’s living far away (damn Milan!). You may notice that I am dressed exactly like in this post called Dior & Valentino Replicas with Zaful but these pictures have a different allure and I wanted them to have their own place. If you’d like to get these things, head to the previous blog post and you’ll be good. I have linked it for you. If not, just enjoy the last Italian summer sunlight for a while.

Camera: Canon Powershot S110
Edit: Adobe Photoshop

I love to define my fashion shoots Tumblr-y, analog and fierce.  I adore being in front of a camera as much as I love being behind one. This time as I mentioned at the beginning, I haven’t taken these pictures by myself but I have shown my friend the way I wanted them. Generally. Then, it was all her talent. I have talked of how to take pictures by yourself here plus other tricks on how to pose naturally.
So for now, I wish you all a great end of the week. xx

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