The Arrow Bracelet from Happiness Boutique


Arrow bracelet
arrow and travel
silver arrow bracelet
arrow bracelet
silver arrow bracelet from happiness boutique


silver arrow bracelet from happiness boutique
silver arrow bracelet from happiness boutique

The Arrow Bracelet in Silver

from Happiness Boutique

I was contacted by Happiness Boutique to review one of their jewelry pieces. As you already know, I love everything subtle and meaningful. I do have a wild side and I love traveling no matter what. So arrows are a perfect symbol for me, they always aim at something, a new place or a new perspective; they represent the challenge of keep moving, of a wanderer.
This piece is absolutely perfect. The Arrow Bracelet in Silver (you also have the gold version) is for every type of wrist and arm; you can slightly regulated so to decide to wear it at different arm heights. It is definitely not too heavy and it doesn’t feel thin to break it at your first move. (Tried! I am a very clumsy person and it is still in its original state!)
The Happiness Boutique has a lovely selection of rings – there is one with white marble and this is a bloggers statement right now! – as well as necklaces. Most importantly they offer free shipping, a lifesaver when you travel between states as me, as well as a reward program anytime you buy something. How wonderful is that?? But I haven’t finished yet.
They absolutely love their customers, in fact they run a bi-monthly giveaway where you can enter and win one of their best pieces! If you don’t want to wait for the blind goddess to touch you; you have the chance to use my promotion code  (kateidoscope) at check-out for a 10% discount on purchases over 19€ until the 19th of March. Hurry up!!
What is the symbol that represents you? I am very fond of arrows, triangles and silhouette trees.
Let me know, I am always curios.
xo Cate
& let’s be blog friends
*this review post is in collaboration with Happiness Boutique

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