Denim Midi Dress with Valentino's Rockstud Dupes

Urban Shabby with a Warehouse Denim Dress

Denim Midi Dress with Valentino's Rockstud Dupes
Taking the country girl inside of me to town with an urban shabby outfit styling a midi denim dress with some rock chic accessories. The accessories are part of a Zaful haul and there is a surprise Zaful giveaway at the end of the blog post for you.

Urban Shabby

with a Warehouse Denim Dress

I am sure you have read my excitement in having a replica of the Valentino studs flats in this post here, but this time I got the actual sandals. Still a replica, I haven’t won the lottery yet but I am planning on it.
This outfit shows a country/city look that can be perfect for this autumnal weather. I am taking the country girl inside of me to town but in a more stylish way. You know I don’t like to take myself seriously and obviously I haven’t done it here. Believe me when I say I have been yelled at quite a lot for always moving by my photographer. Thing is, when I photograph or I am the one to be photographed I don’t stand still and make poses, especially with digital photography. I constantly move and talk which might be quite frustrating but everything looks much more natural this way. Anyway I wish to have reached the idea of an urban shabby look.
What I am wearing: Warehouse Jeans Midi Dress / Mulberry Small Lily Bag
Accessories Zaful: Pink Sunnies* / Square Choker* / Studs Sandals* / Black Bralette*
Denim Midi Dress with Valentino's Rockstud Dupes
Denim Midi Dress with Valentino's Rockstud DupesDenim Midi Dress with Valentino's Rockstud Dupes
I love the editing part when you have done a shoot. Sitting with your laptop, a cup of tea next to you, some music going on in the background and I simply set my inspiration free. Here, I have gone with some neon and fluorescent polaroid (kinda) style all over my pictures. It might be too much but I love the risk.
Now, let’s say two words on the outfit. I bought this midi dress in denim last year and never worn it. It is slightly too long and difficult to style without looking like a female shepherd. So that’s why I styled it with every accessories I could find on Zaful.
Zaful Details
On to the accessories part. I will be talking for quite a while, so go make some tea or coffee.
  • The Bralette: this piece of underwear is absolutely stunning in pictures but not so much in real life. The lace part is beautiful as for the straps but since it is made by an elastic, there is no way of adjusting it to your size. I chose a medium size and it is way too wide and I guess a small version will be wide too. Problem is not whether you have big or small boobs but more like your torso width. I don’t regret buying it because it is still perfect for pictures. I know some people won’t understand but it is every instagrammer bralette dream.
  • The Sandals: NOW. You know I have my eyes on the Valentino Rockstud like forever, but this is such a great alternative. They come in different colors and I choose the apricot one because I love the original in beige and pink and this one is very similar. They are absolutely comfortable for a maximum of 1 hour, this does not include sitting, so if you have a fancy dinner, THEY ARE PERFECT. Have I mention how cheap they are? I know the long lasting value of the Valentino brand but we have to be real and survive, so the Zaful one are a big yes from me.
  • The Choker: I am a big 90s fan but not so much of the choker mania. Even though this square one is lovely with the velvet necklace very delicate, it doesn’t suit me. It perfectly suits this outfit, but not me. The chain is perfect for every type of neck, it is light and you can move as you like because you won’t lose it.
  • The Sunnies: another pair of pink reflective sunnies but this time with a metal bar on the frame. They are slightly big for my face but this is my problem with every sunnies, hence they would fit you perfectly.
And now to the juicy part…

Zaful Giveaway

Zaful has got a big surprise for you, which is a lovely giveaway running until the 31st of November where you can be one of the 10 winners to get a $100 gift card.

How to Enter:

  • click on the banner below or here and comment your favourite Zaful product
  • email the same item to Zaful
  • done
  • on the 1-2 Dec the winners will be chosen and contacted directly from Zaful
EDIT: The Giveaway has come to an end, here the winners! See if you are one of them! 

Hope you will be one the lucky ones, let me know if you are! Going back to my outfit information, I love writing of the pictures were taken and edited, so there you go.

Camera: Nikon D500
Edit: Adobe Photoshop
Location: Ferrara, Italy
What do you think? 
*These items have been sent for review. This is a Zaful review.

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