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Everything related to blog photography: from fashion shoots to travel snaps. Learn to master it all.


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My photography work shown here. Either digital shoots and film dedicated projects in 35mm & 120mm.


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Cate is your blogger photographer friend.
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This Aries girl built 35mminstyle to help you master your photography and crack the blogging code. After years of blogging while working full-time, I am sharing all my secrets to make you a successful business.

As a blogger, you will learn tricks on how to:

  • Blog while Working Full-Time
  • Take Your Blog to the Next Level
  • The Basic HTML Codes
  • Secret Tips from the Best Bloggers Around
  • Limit Your Blog Procrastination
  • Avoid Burnout & Increase Self Confidence

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I work full-time as a photographer and I self taugh myself the art of videos too. Adding the passion on my blog, I am taking to you everything I learned about photography for bloggers.

As a full-time photographer, you will learn the best tips on how to:

  • Create Incredible Flatlays Images
  • Discover the Potential of Film Photography
  • Save Time by Shooting Professionally
  • How to Photograph without a DSLR
  • Travel Photography
  • Fashion Photography

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