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Tons of outfits and great ideas for alternative looks. Showing my style in 35mm film shoots.


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Photography Portfolio

My photography work shown here. Either digital shoot and film dedicated projects.


35mm in Style

Cate talks about fashion, film photography and blogging.
Caterina Petrucci
a style + photography blog
35mm in style gathers my two biggest passions: fashion + film photography. My aim is to use analog photography in fashion blogging while I will still blog about travel, lifestyle and beauty. In addition, everything I have being learning in my almost two years of blogging, will be available to you too in the blogging section. xx
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35mm in style – fashion + film photography blog


35mm in style - welcome by cate

We only wander when we want to be found

Welcome to my blog 35 mm in style where I talk about fashion, film photography, blogging and much more.

Have a look around and don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail if you want to collaborate or just chat.

xx Cate

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