countryside ✧ life + style learn to fall in love with your life

Hello, I’m Cate a mystic Italian entrepreneur who at the core will always be a country girl. welcome to my luxury space on the web.

I started back in 2014 as a blogger and photographer…

… and now I run a mystical business named “Rising Wild” based in Italy and I still have a huge passion for sharing my life on this blog dedicated to style & photography.

welcome. My name is Cate and I am the blogger behind 35mminstyle

in my 30s – italian born, english speaking & writing

I belong to the countryside, for me, it’s freedom embodied in nature. Lately, I noticed how my deep roots want to coexist with my exploring of the world. This is my online diary, for me to process, for you to be inspired.

My Intention for this Year is Learning self-Love

expect to read about


photography editorials, what to wear, the latest trend I’m obsessed with and a touch of beauty & skincare with some self-development insights


interior, home, countryside: basically living a natural and slower life connected with the rhythm of the Universe


discover the world with me, I have the photographer’s eye so expect a lot of aesthetic travel guides around the world

Polaroid picture

in the meantime

you can check the archive

I’ve been blogging for a long time. You can definitely see my evolution in style and photography. You’ll see a lot of editorials especially made with analog photography, the old school.