The Gossip Girl Locations You Can’t Miss in New York City

gossip girl location new york city

I’ve been to New York City in March 2013. Yes, a long time ago but I need to give this post a new life because it’s dedicated to one of my favourite cities. When walking there with my friend – we stayed for spring break – I couldn’t help but recognize every GG location!

The Gossip Girl Locations You Can’t Miss in New York City

The Gossip Girl Locations in NYC
Bethesda Fountain – Central Park

The Gossip Girl Locations you can’t miss in NYC

My expectations were so high – I am a huge fan of Gossip Girl plus every movie filmed in NY – and I wasn’t disappointed at all. City of dreams they say…
We tried to see almost everything we could in 5 days – soon I will post a more detailed guide of the city but for now, I will leave you here with some of my favorite snaps.
I simply wanna show you some photographs and list my top 3 places there, according to my diary of that time (yes, I do have a diary #sorrynotreallysorry):
  • the heights: looking down the streets from all high buildings – either shops, cafés or apartments – in those moments, there was an electric living vibe
  • the west village & soho: Bleeker Street and the district near Marc Jacobs shop & library + the red bricks buildings. People were so friendly (we got lost, we should have looked like lost puppies) 
  • D.U.M.B.O. : between the Manhattan Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge, Dan Humphrey house, the Carousel, bookshops, graffiti and art galleries. The entrance to Brooklyn is spectacular.
on the subway
couldn’t resist some cabs + shops
no idea, but in love with the contrast old/new
Brooklyn, a vegan doughnuts cafè
on the Brookyn bridge  
DUMBO, down under the manhattan bridge, quite literally
Heart-walk, Brooklyn
Dumbo, again
Dan’s house!!
Bleeker Street, West Village

Ever been to New York, or would you love to go? Also, your top 3 places there? let me know in the comments below lovelies<3


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The Gossip Girl Locations in NYC

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