5 Ways To Flaunt Your Collarbones 35mminstyle

5 Ways To Flaunt Your Collarbones

 5 Ways To Flaunt Your Collarbones 35mminstyle

Isn’t it time you showed off those sexy shoulders and collar bone? We think so! Here’s how to do just that.


 5 Ways To Flaunt Your Collarbones

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5 Ways To Flaunt Your Collarbones 35mminstyle


  • The Deep V

A deep-v neckline is simply sensual, and a wonderful way to show off your collar bones. It also flatters just about all body types. If you especially have an hourglass body shape, this is the look for you. If you’re curvier, a deep v-neck dress will slim you out and draw attention to your cleavage.

A deep-v neckline to show off your collarbones isn’t the easiest of looks to pull off, so make sure you pull together a hairstyle that is designed to work with this neckline. Pair with simple, natural makeup and bold red lips to keep the look balanced and pull attention from the bust, rather drawing eyes up to your face.

5 Ways To Flaunt Your Collarbones 35mminstyle

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5 Ways To Flaunt Your Collarbones 35mminstyle

  • Halter

We all love halter necklines, don’t we? They just seem to stop people in their tracks and make sure you’re the centre of attention. They’re also great for showing off your cleavage and collar bones. What’s more, halter necks can make your shoulders look even slimmer.

If you’re looking for a way to make your body look as though it’s leaner and longer, a halter neck is the way to go. The neckline draws eyes to your body, vertically, making you look slimmer and taller.

If you sport petit shoulders or a fuller bust, try out a 2-piece dress with halter neck and a mid-length skirt paired with high stilettos to really show off your collarbones, there’s lots of stock to try on!

5 Ways To Flaunt Your Collarbones 35mminstyle 5 Ways To Flaunt Your Collarbones 35mminstyle

  • Bateau

These necklines work really well to accentuate your neckline while keeping things really classy. In fact, this is one of the most elegant ways to accentuate your collarbones. Both square and boat necks sweep the collarbones, making them look beautiful.

  • Strapless dresses

We bet you already have a timeless, strapless dress in your collection? It’s a go-to classic that makes you look slimmer and confident. And, there’s no better way to draw attention to your gorgeous collarbones than with a sweetheart or straight-across strapless neckline, like the collection at https://www.peachesboutique.com.

Strapless dresses, particularly bandage styles, are perfect if you have a fuller bust. It helps to flaunt those lovely shoulders, arms and collarbones. If you have a smaller bust, use a gorgeous statement piece of jewellery to draw the attention upwards.

  • Asymmetric

A one-shoulder, asymmetrical dress is the perfect way to show off those collarbones. If you have a small frame, slim shoulders or even an ample bust, an asymmetric style is the perfect way to draw attention up towards your collarbones.


Whether you pick a deep-V or a halter neckline, flaunt your collarbones with confidence. Don’t just show them off on formal events, find ways to show them off with your everyday wear.

This area of your body is the perfect excuse to show off more skin without making you look tacky.

The trend works well for any occasion, even everyday wear, and showing off your collarbones is a timeless, feminine style to be proud of!

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