Punk Chic with Zara

Punk Chic with Zara

A whole outfit from Zara going Punk Chic with a band t-shirt paired up with a baby blue tulle skirt. Today two worlds apart collide.

Lovelies, if you think of finding a blog post on an outfit dedicated to Halloween, this is not the place. I don’t like Halloween, it’s not my celebration and I don’t get excited at all. Having said that, please  enjoy, dress up, be scary and all sort of frightening things but no, I won’t get in.

Instead I have ready for you one of my favourite outfit this autumn. It’s girly but punk at the same time. And it is all from Zara. Zara!! Yes! Damn it.

Punk Chic with Zara

What I am wearing:  Zara band t-shirt / Zara tulle skirt / Rayban round sunnies / Jeffrey Campbell pumps 

Also, I want to point out that yes I have chosen an out of focus image as starter because honestly, I ADORE IT. I am a flash fan when it’s twilight and the sky is almost dark but not completely for the old melancholic atmosphere. To this extend, soon you’ll see a shoot highly inspired by the melancholic queen Lana del Rey. You have no idea but sometimes I love to take out her cd, put it in my car stereo and start singing like crazy. Yes, I am that kind of person. Normality scares me.

But for this shoot, let’s just say that everything is from Zara! I have never been a great supporter of this high-end brand, too sophisticated for me, but this year, I feel like I live there in the shop. I am never tired of finding some new piece to add to my collection.
Here, for instance I have styled a simple band tee shirt with written Pretty in Punk Worldwide Tour 1994 with a tulle skirt. I AM IN LOVE WITH TULLE SKIRTS. Always been, but the ones I liked were too expensive for my wallet whereas this one is so affordable. It was around 30-40 euros and compared to Neddle&Threads which are more then 150 euros, this was the perfect solution.

I opted for a dark grey/baby blue color (note alert: there is also a pastel pink one in the shops) because was slightly shorter. This one is an extra small because is super high waisted and I don’t want tulle skirts to be too long, I like them when they arrive just below my knees and this one is perfect. It is very light, the tulle goes down softly and underneath there is a silky alike skirt in the same color.

As for the t-shirt…well I loved the bright vivid colours at first sight. And when I thought of what I had in my wardrobe, the first though was to immediately style the t-shirt with the tulle skirts. Opposites attract themselves even in the fashion world. I have to say that here the price was fair: 7.99 euros – c’mon, how could I have said no to this?

Anyway, these two big pieces needed some shoes, and my good old trusty Jeffrey Campbell’s were there waiting for me.  They are the highest pumps I own, so flattering with an edgy side given by the line of spiky studs. Another love at first sight, just so you know. And funny story: I ordered them via Amazon when I was in the Us from a UK girl and I took them home with me in Italy, so they have travelled quite a lot I dare say.

All together I absolutely love the style and attitude I had while playing around for this shoot. Thanks to my friends that I still convinced to take pictures of me.. we used a new camera because mine was broken and I then edited the images myself. You may notice the little gif with the text ‘WTF love is?‘ which is a song from Tove Lo, her new album is out, and OMG is stunning. I had it on repeat while editing these pictures.

Camera: Nikon D5000
Edit: Adobe Photoshop
What do you think? Do you love this old Hollywood atmosphere?

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