My Dilemma: Blogger vs Wordpress

Blogger vs WordPress: my dilemma

I am going through a little blog dilemma whether to pass from Blogger to WordPress or not. Here are my doubts, help me resolve them.

Blogger vs WordPress

My Dilemma

This week I want to share with you my dilemma. I have been reading so many blogs which gave advise on blogging. And I have always had a thing in my mind saying ‘you should try to overcome your fears’.
Okay, I couldn’t be more cryptic than this. Let me explain.
My blog is on Blogger and I have always loved it more than WordPress. I am well aware of how many characteristics Blogger lacks over WordPress but nonetheless Blogger has always been my fav platform to blog.
Until now.


Last week, one evening it appeared that almost ALL my uploaded pictures in this blog were missing/deleted/where have you gone? They were gone for no reason and I was panicking. I haven’t saved my oldest images, plus I have collected so many in the years. I would have replaced them one by one no matter HOW MANY there were (more the 300 for sure) but it wasn’t possible.
It was during this evening that my mind was telling me, ‘well you should try something new, a little bit more reliable‘. So, I started to read all those WordPress appreciating posts. (The next day, the images magically reappeared but I don’t want to experience it again!).

You have to know that my photography portfolio was once a WordPress blog but I delete it because I didn’t like it. I didn’t like WordPress to be sincere. Right now I have discovered the existence of which – apparently – is a world apart from


I have to say, I am planning a big move for Christmas. This blog need to be more official and professional above all. I am still full of doubts but I want to move to and also change my blog’s name. Kateidoscope was the only word I could think of with my name on it, but I don’t feel it mine. I want something that expresses my passions and I came up with some titles:
  • The Photo Girl
  • 35mm in Style
  • The 35mm Style Girl
  • The 35mm Style

What do you think? I struggle between the first two options. I want a title that summarises my passion for analog photography and fashion. But as you can see I am still very confused. I know a little bit of HTML and CSS but I have always hated how in Blogger is not very possible to use it and create your own design – but I am not that good!

I have only heard good things on, how it is self-hosted but I feel a lot of pressure about failing. I have also written a small pro-cons list of how I find Blogger and WordPress below. Still I feel like I need to learn more about the difference between &


– easy
– not reliable
– cosy
WordPress (.com)
– unfamiliar
– messy
– more professional

I hope I can do move my blog myself, I am slightly worried and way too excited to know what will happen.
If you guys have suggestions on names, on WordPress, on how to move and you just want to share your blog platform story do share it in the comments. I would love to know.

My Dilemma: Blogger vs WordPress

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