Blogging Photography: iPhone + vsco

Blogging Photography: iPhone + VSCO

Another post on the series on Blogging Photography. Today we are going to talk about creating lovely photographs only by using our phones and its apps.

Blogging Photography: iPhone + VSCO

I started a few weeks ago this series about photography tips for bloggers and it seems like you love it as much as I do. I love having feedback on one of the reason why I love blogging: photography. So before starting, if you have missed them, here they are:

On this espisode, I want to talk about pictures taken and edited only by our phones. iPhones in this case. I own an iPhone 5 and out there Apple has been doing magic on the quality of images but you can do it too and I will teach you how.


My main editing app is the one and only VSCO or VSCOcam. It has the best filters. I am not a fan of Retrica or other filters app. I do sometimes use Snapseed (very intuitive and full of interesting tools), ColorStory (it’s from A Beautiful Mess and it is really nice, bright colors alert!), MOLDIV (handy for collages) and Osmo Leaker (old analog filters, like burned film rolls). But for all these images, I have taken them with my phone and only edited with Vsco.


  • I take the picture with the iPhone camera.
  • I then upload the pic into VSCOcam
  • I choose the filter. I try (not really successfully) to stick with the same filter for my feed’s sake. Lately I’ve been only using A6 & HB2.
  • Filter chosen, it’s time to do my edit.


That is what I do mostly of the times. It differs slightly from image to image but the basics is the same every time.
  • Modify brightness: +2/3
  • Then Clarity and Sharpen and I always go +2/3
  • Back to Contrast, see if I need some (max: +1)
  • Temperature. If my picture tends to yellow I go down to blu by 1: -1.
  • Tint: see if it looks nice more red (+) or green (-).
  • Saturation: +1 or -1 too increase or decrease the intensity of colors.
  • Save and upoad to IG.
And here you have 3 examples of how I turn my pictures for Instagram. Easy, fast and effective.
Do you love VSCO as much as me? What other app would you suggest us using?

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