How to save time by shooting with a professional mindset 35mminstyle
How to save time by shooting with a professional mindset 35mminstyle

Whether you ask your fellow friend, you force your boyfriend or you hire a professional photographer, there are some tips you need to know that will save you a lot of time.


How to Save Time By Shooting with a Professional Mindset


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Let me ask you a question: how many times do you finish shooting and when you are checking the pictures, not even ONE is like you imagined? A LOT of times. But now I know why. And I am going to spill the secret out.

Are you ready to follow the blog photography wagon? This is another post dedicated to bloggers and creative who struggle to find time to shoot images for their businesses and passions.

Taking photographs takes time and photography for bloggers should definitely be a topic by itself. In fact, here I am sharing with you my top tips to change our perspective in order to create the time we need to shoot.

And hint: it’s not very much!

Let me tell you one thing: you need to consider there are two or more people involved. You don’t ever think exactly the same. Now bear in mind this fact and let me get straight to my point to make you save time by shooting with a professional mindset.

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How to save time by shooting with a professional mindset 35mminstyle

What is the Professional Mindset

The professional mindset is useful every single time you are doing a shoot with somebody else. I mean, if you are taking flat-lays on your bed, this won’t work. Having a professional mindset is first of all, thinking as you are making or taking a professional shoot.

On professional shoot there are minimum 3 people involved:

The Photographer

The Actor

(meaning the one in front of the camera)

The Creative Director

Who is the Creative Director?

Now bloggers usually never really think of the creative director but that is fundamental. The creative director is the one in charge of preparing the location of the shoot, the set, the pros you need and the type of pictures needed. It is a connection between the actor and the photographer.

To me it always happens that I am the one (as a blogger) to decide what to wear, where and what pictures I want. But in reality a lot of times the photographer doesn’t do what I ask. And this is because we didn’t specified who is doing what before the shoot.

Tips on How to Save Time by Shooting with a Professional Mindset

From my experience and from the book Instastyle confirms it, there are three possibilities:

How to save time by shooting with a professional mindset 35mminstyle
  • The photographer is 100% in charge of the creative part. He is the one to decide everything. If you know the style of the photographer and you like it then is perfect, otherwise try with the other two options
  • You are in charge. You – the blogger – decide everything and the photographer has to take what you want. Just ask him first, show him/her examples of what you need and this will save so much time, I promise.
  • 50-50. You are in charge and you leave some space for the photographer creativity. It may surprise you and work really well. Just not with everybody.

All my fellow friends photographers are so different. One of my closest friend let me decide everything. Another friend has a great eye and likes to have some space to experiment a bit but it listens to you and your needs. Another one doesn’t listen to a word of what you say and wants to be 100% in charge.

Now this made me some problems in the past because even thought the pictures were incredible, they weren’t what I needed. Wasting so much time when you are both working full-time, it is a major issue.

My Freebie Pre-Shoot Checklist for you

Now that I know these three categories, I will leave you with a little file, my Free Blogger-Photographer Pre-Shoot Checklist. You may want to use it just to remember the professional mindset you need to have before a shoot in order to save time.

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free pre-shoot checklist 35mminstyle

Let me know if you ever experienced some of these problems <3

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How to save time by shooting with a professional mindset
How to save time by shooting when working a full-time job

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