Learn Blog Photography or Photography for bloggers

What is Blog Photography and Photography for Bloggers

Learn Blog Photography or Photography for bloggers

An introduction to Blog Photography: what is photography for bloggers? Did you know that a blogger needs specific photographic skills to run a blog? Let me simplify that for you so that you can no longer feel disappointed by your photography.

Why should we dig into Blog Photography?

Photography is one of the most important parts of your blog. Think about it, content is key but are you more intrigued and happy to read an amazing post with attracting-related images or the same text, plain, with no outstanding lines, encyclopedia-style?

I much rather prefer a blog post with some nice imagery. Even unconsciously I am attracted to a piece of writing with images that immediately explain to me what it is all about. Actually, it’s our brains that instinctively go to images before reading a text.

Learn Blog Photography or Photography for bloggers
Learn Blog Photography or Photography for bloggers

Isn’t it the same about blogging?

After years in the blogging world, I have recognized the most valuable posts come alongside attracting imagery.  In fact, our attention is first drawn to the image. Only after, we read the title.

So I say: let’s improve blogging with a better photography style!

Now I know that we are not all professional photographers, but we are also not copywriters, graphic designers or journalists, yet we use their skills for preparing our posts daily.

Isn’t this the reality behind every blogger? Oh yes! Same goes for photography.

Unfortunately, there is NO school for blog photography.

We are that school: me & you, we bloggers! By ourselves, we prepare what we need in terms of photography.

Follow me and I can help you make the best out of your camera, your locations in order to achieve the best photography accordingly to your blog niche.


Learn Blog Photography or Photography for bloggers

There is NO school for blog photography. WE are that school!

The Blog Photography Guide by 35mminstyle

What is Blog Photography

The Photography for Bloggers Explained

Photographing for your blog is not simple. When you think of writing a blog post you should also have a stock of images. To be honest, you must create them. In order to have original images, you need to consider the time to shoot them.

Now, this takes a lot of efforts if you don’t know where to start. And no one knows at the beginning.

After years, I have found out that there is a recurring type of photographs bloggers need.

Blog photography is that photography needed by bloggers.

Fashion bloggers need a specific photography, travel bloggers another, beauty & lifestyle another type again.

Blog Photography gathers all the information on how to create the best photography possible for bloggers.

Learn Blog Photography or Photography for bloggers

Starting from the gear bloggers need (camera or phone), master the use of props, analyse and feel powerful in front of a camera, be able to use a camera at best and be a boss in planning shoots.

Also, the research of locations, the knowledge of lights, the post-editing part and the saving process is very important.

Knowing all these little processes makes the work of a blogger (professional or not) much much easier and avoid feeling burnout or anxious.

How to Grow your Photography Skills

I have been in the situation where I had no photos left, no photographer/friend to help me shoot and I started panicking.

Of course, I looked at free stock photos online but honestly, that put me down even more. They are all the same, they don’t add any value to my blog and they don’t show my style.

That’s why I started thinking that Blog Photography is a precise skill to grow.

That’s why I started asking myself questions on how I photograph and so I created a schedule that helps me stay in control of my photography and my blog.

Learning Blog Photography is the best thing I have ever done because I master the first impression of my blog plus is the FUNNIEST part of blogging.

Learn Blog Photography or Photography for bloggers

Being able to express myself by creating images.

But more importantly, having a clear Blog Photography style has helped me save time, stay consistent with blogging and making me recognizable.

And I want to teach you how you can do it too.

I want to share all the knowledge about photographing for bloggers I have learned during this years as an amateur blogger.

Yes, it is passion that drives me. And I am sure it is the same thing that makes you write on your blog as well.

Passion. So let me share my passion for photography & blogging with you.

Why You Should Improve Your Blog Photography

Today I want to help you make the best out of the free time you have for blogging keeping photography for what it is: SIMPLE and FUN!

Photographing has always been a fun activity for me because in its core is experimenting, editing, seeing the world through a different perspective and showing this to others.

You capture what you don’t want to forget and what you find interesting.

Photography tells your story.

Why I shouldn’t give up on Photography

Problem was when I started working full-time in 2017, I no longer had so much time to snap even for my blog. Instead, I had to choose between my favourite activity (photography) and working (pay rent, all these boring stuff).

Learn Blog Photography or Photography for bloggers

Now I don’t want YOU to choose as I did. You can enjoy the best of both worlds with my help of planning time.

I have created a plan that helps to improve your photography in a short amount of time. Everything you learn, you will then easily put it into practice with no efforts.

Not to mention, the results on your blog will be outstanding.

Photography for bloggers is very important to achieve your dream blogging career. So don’t give up and test yourself by improving your photography skills with my help.

From now on, you will get tons of valuable information on the topic with specific examples on fields, my mistakes and how to avoid them.

My Photography Guide is coming very soon

Also, I have a Free Resources Library with a stock of useful checklists and tutorial. By subscribing to my newsletter you would get immediate access to the library and you will receive specific one time only tips on photography that I won’t post on the blog.

Blog Photography Guide to become a professional blogger photographer
Learn Blog Photography or Photography for bloggers

Don’t forget then the most important thing: my 4 days guide on how to blog photography is almost ready to hit 2020!! Be on my list to receive it first!

It’s free, did I mention that?

Today you have already learned some very valuable points:

  • don’t give up on photography
  • improve your photography skills to help you be an outstanding blogger
  • photography for blogger is a thing!

Have you ever think of that? I am sure photography sounds scary at first but I can assure I can turn it as the most exciting part of blogging!

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Learn Blog Photography or Photography for bloggers
Learn Blog Photography or Photography for bloggers
Learn Blog Photography or Photography for bloggers

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