We all know how popular sterling silver jewellery has become and it looks so good, it is easy to overdo things. It takes some confidence to wear a lot of silver jewellery and if you have a great party coming up, here are a few tips when wearing stacked silver jewellery.

tips for wearing silver jewellery

Tips For Wearing Stacked Silver Jewellery

tips for wearing silver jewellery
tips for wearing silver jewellery

Beware Of Tangles

Layering jewellery demands attention to detail and the lengths should be such that the pieces each have their own space, so to speak. If you are planning to dance the night away, then it might not be such a good idea to layer your jewellery, or maybe remove it before you get down.

Always Choose Sterling Silver

When wearing silver jewellery, always insist on sterling silver, which does not leave marks and is tarnish resistant. Go for respectable sterling silver jewellers should you decide to buy solid silver earrings online, so that you are assured to get only quality pieces worth every penny. These jewellers can even offer you pieces at very affordable prices. 

tips for wearing silver jewellery
tips for wearing silver jewellery

A Touch Of Gold

You don’t have to stick to silver, a thick rose gold bracelet among the silver pieces is a great way to break things up. Layering is in trend and you should add at least one gold piece, making sure to get the lengths right to avoid tangling. 

Mixing Finishes

There are different finishes with silver jewellery and combining shiny with matte is a nice touch; browse the online silver jewellery retailer, with unique handmade pieces and at these prices, you can afford to fill your shopping cart before proceeding to the checkout. A secure online payment sees your new jewellery packaged and delivered to your door.


Chunky silver jewellery is really popular and has been for a couple of years and if you would like to view a stunning collection of chunky silver from the comfort of your own home, Google is your best friend. If you are going chunky, make sure the thickness is in proportion to your body; multiple pieces can work. If you build up a collection of chunky jewellery, you can mix and match and experiment until you find the best combination.

Stacking Rings

Best with a single finger (third, left hand), stacking rings offers a chance to add some texture and contrast to your look. The online jeweller is the place to find the best selection of rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings and with online shopping, you eliminate human contact, which is important during these troubled times. Check out articles online that offer tips on how to wear stackable rings. They might come in handy.

tips for wearing silver jewellery

Handmade Jewellery

There’s something unique about jewellery that has been fashioned by hand and with a leading sterling silver jeweller with an in-house team of custom jewellers, you can order stunning pieces at very affordable prices.

Sterling silver jewellery is perfect for the 2021 summer and autumn and works with the denim look. With the above tips, you should be making a real splash with your sterling silver accessories.

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