top 10 Free resources for blog

Top 10 Free Resources for Bloggers Tested

top 10 Free resources for blog

Since I have been blogging for a few years now, I collected some experiences with different tools. Therefore I have listed down my top 10 free resources for bloggers. It is updated to 2019 – so go discover what you have missed!



My Top 10 Free Resources for Bloggers

Below, you will find an useful list of my top 10 free resources dedicated to any blogger: lifestyle, fashion, beauty and so on. Feel free to use them.

These resources varies from editing to upload or scheduling but overall they are a quick help for us.

Yes, once it was Girl Power now it is #bloggerspower !

top 10 free resources for bloggers

10 Free Resources for Blog

  • 001  |  TUMBLR – type texture pack or psd pack on the search engine and a new world will pop out
  • 002  |  DAFONT – if you need a new font this is the place
  • 003  |  FREE BLOGGER TEMPLATE – i found it so hard to find a proper easy clear template for free, so this is a very good one
  • 004  |  BITLY – do you need to shorten your links? head over here immediately
  • 005  |  TWITTER RT – i use a few and i can’t stop thanking them to promote my tweets, the only thing you have to do is add their names @blogginggals @theblogguidert @femalebloggerrt @bloggingbabes @bloggingbees @fbloggersuk @thegirlganguk
  • 006  | CREATIVE MARKET – if you subscribe to their newsletter, every week you will receive 6 free tools to download. They may be fonts, templates, png images or stock images. Thanks to them I have now quite a collection.
  • 007  | VSCO APP – the quality of these filters are simply amazing, don’t you think?
  • 008  | ICONOSQUARE – in need of a social media calendar? I am sure you are very curious of trying this one out.
  • 009  | PICMONKEY – if don’t have Photoshop, this is a great solution to create great pic and collage for free. Eventually Snapseeds is the most similar free app version of photoshop.
  • 010  | BLOGLOVIN – go look for new fashion, beauty or lifestyle bloggers, comments and get inspiration from them. Bloglovin is still my first way to find new bloggers to follow!
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I am still quite happy with this list but I have a lot more suggestions to give you, so be ready to get new information soon!

What other resource do you guys find indispensable for a blogger? Let me know in the comments below.

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