Dupes from Zaful

Valentino and Dior Replicas with Zaful

Zaful got it again with replicas of  Valentino and Dior. An outfit that rocks alternatives for the famous Valentino Rockstud sandals and Dior So Real sunglasses. What else do you need?

Valentino and Dior Replicas with Zaful

I was recently contacted by Zaful* on reviewing some of their products and as always, I chose random pieces. I already knew about Zaful from Instagram and I was really curious because quality seemed good. I have to say I was not disappointed.
But you are wondering, what did you get? As you may know I am in love with that grunge/90s look, therefore I decided to get 4 items: a black baseball hat, a pair of sunnies, a selection or rings and a pair of sandals.
What to do with Dior and Valentino? I have found some really good Valentino and Dior dupes on Zaful site. You may know the very famous Dior sunglasses called Dior So Real and Dior Eclat…well the one I chose is a mixture between the two. An affordable replica for us penniless girls. And the other replica is the Valentino studs sandals. The colour is exactly the same and as a way of testing them and seeing if I really like them, they are perfect. Next step: finding the Valentino one on sale. Yes, I know. Big goal.

Anyway let’s go have a look at all the items.

what am I wearing?

Zaful Sunnies* / Primark backpack / Missguided dress / Primark leather jacket / Zaful set of rings* / Zaful black baseball hat* / Zaful Flat Sandals*

The Dior Dupe Sunglasses:

Pink Lenses Sunglasses

Okay it is time to talk about these sunnies. I can’t help it but I love pink reflective lenses. Even though I have the same problem I have with every sunglasses I buy (can you notice how big they are?!), I love them way too much. They are very light, extremely similar to the classic Dior So Real, Dior Eclat and a pair of Quay sunglasses.
These very cheap sunglasses are not made to be worn an entire day facing the sunlight (keep care of your eyes with good lenses please), but given the low price they are perfect for pictures and quick events.


Black Hat and Rings

Set of rings > You know how much I love rings! I have small hands and I love midi rings but it’s hard to find some of the good size for my fingers. This set is adorable. It consists of 6 rings, one has that lovely turquoise stone and the other 5 have small embroideries on them. With my extra small hands there was just one that would function as a midi ring but for normal hands I guess all of them would fit.
Hat > It was love at first sight with this black baseball hat. The ‘Youth‘ written above was just my style. I had to have it. I have been wearing it constantly: it is a life saver for me biking. If you regularly bike around town, then you can understand me. In addition, you also have it in white. Great purchase for me.

The Valentino Rockstud Dupe:

Pink Rockstud Flat Sandals

THE SHOES. I think I was getting mad to find an alternative to the famous Valentino Rockstud sandals. I love the chunk hells, the stiletto, the sandals, the flat ballerina, I love them all. Of course I love the price less (if you don’t know they are around 700£). So I was looking into shops (online and not) for a good replica to try out. Of course everything was sold out in seconds (I am talking to you Missguided!) so when I noticed that Zaful had a huge selection and my size in pink, I went straight for it.
I opted for the flat sandals and they are absolutely comfortable. I am a size 36EU/ 3UK and they fit me perfectly. On the site there were also the heeled sandals in a few colours and they looked amazing as well. Now that I have tried it, of course it is the end of summer so I can’t wear them until next season but I can start saving for the original ones.
Above all, I am positively surprised by Zaful, small prices and good quality compared to other Chinese online sites. If you are curious, there are actually plenty of other Zaful reviews and photos on here. You can easily get inspired by what other bloggers have chosen to try out.
As for me, tell me what you think of this look! Are some dupes necessary to our wardrobes? xx

*These items were kindly gifted by Zaful. Opinion and review are my own.

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