Chi Chi London Promo Dress with 35mm in style

Call It Prom with Chi Chi London

Call It Prom with Chi Chi London shows that I am dressed like a fairytale princess for once..except for make up! Have a look!

Call It Prom

You should know – well not really! – I have never been to a prom because where I grow up, they don’t exist. But blame movies, tv series (Gossip Girl) books, anything for excitement. When I got sent this dress to review from Chi Chi London, I was literally jumping through the house for joy.
For this outfit, my inability to look like a girly princess is impressive. I had to give to it some edgy contrast to the pastel color of the dress so God bless accessories and dark lipsticks. (Post of the make-up of this look is here: A decadent Make-Up)

What am I wearing?

Pastel Mint Green Dress Chi Chi London*
Boots Topshop
Raven Ring Regalrose*
Rings Various street markets


This look is really decadent, same for my backyard which is a jungle right now. Have I mentioned I love contrasts? This dress is gorgeous, very girly, with a puffy gown, the perfect fitting (it’s a size 6 UK) and with the skirt of a midi length.

My expression and the dark make-up go along so well with the classy mood of the dress. They can coexist and I want them to. I side braided my hair as well as leaving some messy locks of hair free. I then added tons of rings, a pair of blank chunky boots and there I was ready.

I love so much the shape of this dress, the cut in the back and the color. I have only found the gown slightly big but for an event as a prom it would be perfect to stand out in the crowd. Yes I am a drama queen sometimes.
I still haven’t decided whether I look more like a Cinderella on the run or a dark Sleeping Beauty… Well, if you know me you will see some reference to Vanessa Ives from Penny Dreadful – yes, Eva Green is still gorgeous.

Also please consider that I took these photographs by myself with no tripod, in a jungle with only the automatic shutter release of my compact camera! What an adventure! (I am serious… I had to fight with every imaginable bug alive!) But I have to say I am pleased with some of the resulting pics.

What do you think? Have you ever been to a prom??
*These items have been sent to me to review. This is not a paid post and I am giving my own opinion.

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