Bloomsbury in a Photograph

Bloomsbury in a Photograph

Bloomsbury in a Photograph

a 35mm selection

At the beginning of March or late February, I was in London for the #bloggersmarket that I honestly haven’t really enjoyed. So I left the Hoxton Hotel (awesome toilets!) quite early and headed to explore the neighborhood. It happened to be very close to the British Museum, one of my favorite museums in London (the Syrian history is breathtaking) and started taking a few pictures.


I love the historic atmosphere you inhale around Bloomsbury, it’s flowers, books, statues and tourists but I have preferred it to buying clothes in a very nice room.

It’s always time to wander…

Film Roll: 200 Kodak 
Camera: Yashica fx3
Lens: 50 mm
Location: Bloomsbury, London
March 2016


hope you like it. 
for more film photos, my portfolio.

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bloomsbury london in a 35mm photograph

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