Electric Cinema in Notting Hill and more pictures

Notting Hill in a Photograph

These are a few photographs from Notting Hill neighborhood in London. I am pretty repetitive but I’ve always had wonderful moments, so I like to come back there whenever I am in London. I meet  up with Jack Harries there, I got really inspired and I started my wilxtales project (I’ll talk you about this soon) and my analogue photography. I then modeled for a lovely girl and her final project for uni. Plenty of good memories.
A recurring theme in these photographs is the Neon Lights, as for the Electric Cinema above and the 42 number house down below.

Notting Hill in a Photograph

Film Rolls: 200 Kodak + 400 Ford
Camera: Yashica fx3
Lens: 28 mm wide-angle
Location: Notting Hill, London
November 2015
house details


the weather sucked but there were flowers on the sidewalk<3




commercial bansky
in full britishness
If you wish, I have a photography portfolio where you can see my favorite shoots: wilxtales.
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