Paris in a photograph

Paris in a Photograph

One of My first film rolls. It’s all taken in Paris during one week in August. Hope you like the little snaps.

Paris in a Photograph





montmartre /details at montmartre / rooftop / le marais / shop window / macarons / versailles gardens / versailles

Bear in mind that this is only the first post about my trip to Paris so be prepared.
All the photographs I have here are taken by an analog camera, a Yashica on a 200 ISO film and I have to say I do not master it. Moreover, I have decided to open the camera when it was finished to burn the film which is something you shouldn’t do and that every real photographer would tell you not to. But I didn’t care. So this is why some pictures are reddish.
Anyway I really love the atmosphere developed films can give you and Paris was a good model for me. So tell me what you think and be ready for the next post on Paris tips and digital photos.

xo xo from Italy  – Cate
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