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48 Hours in Rome

WANDERER 007 |  Rome: what to see, eat & do again

W H A T   T O   S E E 





Villa Borghese e il Pincio

Il Pincio is just up Piazza del Popolo and from there you have an amazing panoramic view of the city. Needless to say, you can spot the Vatican from there. Il Pincio is part of Villa Borghese, also known as the biggest park of Rome. It has parrots flying around so it definitely deserves a visit.







The Vatican

You can believe in religion or not, still the Vatican is a great place to see.  Just look at the perfection of the columns. Better go on Monday or Tuesday because there are less people. You will have to walk a bit if you would like to see Castel S.Angelo too because a “small” problem in Rome is transports. I am not denying it.

L’altare della patria

It is stunning at daylight but at night (as every other Roman big sight) is spectacular. The magnificence is incremented by the reflective lights and the white marble walls. Just let yourself be astonished by it.



Piazza del Popolo + Via del Corso

Via del Corso is for the shopping addict, and I’ve spent an entire afternoon there. In addition, it is at the end of the street that you have Piazza del Popolo (people’s plaza) and it could be nothing special but instead it is. It is the place when younger people gather together, a meeting spot there in the centre of Rome and I love it.


W H A T   T O   E A T 


Ginger | Via Borgognona, 43-46 | www.ginger-roma.it
Ginger is a place to eat a great sandwich, organic food, take-away or have amazing smoothies. For the location is one of the cheapest place you can find in central Rome. Also, the interior decoration sare basically white and marble (perfect for bloggers) and the quality of the dishes is really high.
W H A T   T O   D O   A G A I N


Walking along the river
Walking along il Lungotevere when the sun is going down makes you feel like you’re inside an old movie about Rome (yes, I am thinking of Roman Holiday). Go there with a group of friends (not by yourself!) and wander around. Then choose a boat where having aperitivo in front of the river. Afterwards you can decide to keep on the exploration and maybe be lucky enough to bump into a private party with a green dino with sparkling red eyes waiting as a bodyguard at the entrance  (happened! see the pic above – sorry for the awful pic quality).


Get lost

Specifically in typical Roman neighborhoods you don’t even know the name. To do so, you simply have to take the first bus you see and get off after 5 stops and see where you are. You might get to Trastevere (awesome!!) or Testaccio or anything else and discover the true essence of the city. Rome is very friendly and their accent is just adorable and funny…. (*dreaming of Claudietto*).
So, these is not the complete scenario that Rome is but just a part because recently, I never had the time to stay longer than 3 days. Nevertheless, it is a view of Rome from an Italian girl not living there but appreciating the wonders of the capital. Not the fashion capital, Milan nor the tourist capital, Venice but THE capital.


Have you ever been to Rome? what surprises you the most? I’m curious to know.
Let’s connect, xoxo Cate

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