The Ultimate Travel Guide of Bruges for the Blogger & Photography lover

the ultimate travel guide to bruges belgium

Bruges is well-known for being a must-visit city of Belgium and I have just written the ultimate Travel Guide of Bruges for the Blogger and Photography lover. In fact, Bruges is a UNESCO World Heritage City since 2000. Let me just say that this recognition is only the beginning. 

Visiting the city of Bruges (Brugge in Flemish) was on my list since forever, long before I went on this itinerary through Belgium. I spent one day walking around its streets and I now need to share my excitement with you. Plus a lot of photography & blogger-friendly tips of what to see, snap and experience.

Is it another boring travel guide?

Not in a million years, trust me.

I am the Queen of practical.


The Ultimate Guide to Bruges

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A few useful notes before travelling to Bruges

Travel Guide of Bruges Belgium

The preparation

I am one of those people who like to be prepared before going to a city. At least, I need to have a small plan for the day which can be easily rearranged. Moreover, I always do some research the day or week before. Pinterest search is now my friend to look for guides as much as the Tourism Info center.

I contacted the #visitbruges Tourist team to tell them I was coming and see if they do collabs with a blogger-photographer as myself. They kindly agreed and left me the most useful bunch of guides of the city.

How long to stay

I visited Bruges in one day but in order to experience it in toto, the ideal trip would be to stay in Bruges from 1 night up.

For instance, it would be a great idea to stay 1-2 nights in Bruges during the weekdays because it gives you the time to explore and inhale the magic atmosphere of the town at a slow pace.

Train Save Tip

Note that on weekends (Fri-Sun) there is a promotion of a free return. So you could think of going to Brussels on the weekend!

Is Bruges a walkable city?

Absolutely. I loved Bruges so much because you can walk everywhere from the train station to the center.

Everything is so close by but you can also decide to rent a bike in order to arrive at the windmills at the edge of the center near the bigger canal. Walking there is around 30 to 40 minutes so if you like walking and you have time, just go. 

That was the only place I didn’t go because we were running late and my friends didn’t want to walk that much.

Time to Explore it with me

Also, note that in Bruges I luckily haven’t seen one single electric scooter around. They would destroy the old atmosphere in my opinion. So either you walk or you bike.

Is Bruges tourists friendly?

This is one of the greatest points of Bruges because it is made for tourists. Meaning that you have almost every language guides, signs, people help you and the environment is very friendly. 

True, it is a romantic city but not only! The history, the architecture and the unique cityscape make Bruges a must-visit city of Belgium.

Travel Guide of Bruges Belgium
the markt square of bruges belgium

The Ultimate Travel Guide of Bruges

for the Blogger & Photography Lovers (but not only)

For its unique architecture, the mixture of bridges over canals and historic buildings, Bruges is the perfect cityscape for any blogger or photography lover. There are chocolate makes, waffles shops, local clothing and design stores and much more. Let me tell you about my most liked places.

Top 3 Must-Visit Spots in Bruges

Whether you like history or simply wandering around, Bruges has few sites that you must see. See this list for the top spots of the city.

  1. Minnewater & Begijnhof, the little lake and the park is the prettiest romantic scenario, surrounded by swans and ducks. It is THE postcard of postcards. No matter you come with your other half or you travel solo, this spot has been my favourite.
  2. The narrow streets west of the Congress Center. I am talking about Bakkersstraat, Koolbrandersstr and Oostmeers.
  3. The view near the canals and bridges. My favourite has to be the bridge near Spaanse Loskaai. There were falling leaves from the trees and it was less crowded than tourists than the most famous (yet amazing) view of Rozenhoedkaai.

1.Minnewater & Begijnhof

This is the most romantic view of Bruges and I put it as the first must-see location because… do I need a why?

Autumn is coming, the yellow leaves are everywhere, the low sunset light is popping out and all the swans create an incredible atmosphere (I know swans are evil creatures, they bite me once, but they are cute). I would definitely suggest to stop by the park and take some time.

For more info about a romantic route to follow in Bruges here is the guide to follow.

More images, click to see the gallery

Minnewater & Begijnhof with swans in Bruges Belgium

narrow streets in Bruges Belgium

2.Narrow streets west of the Congress Center

I was left behind while we walked near the Congress Center because I was going in every little street I could find.

The particular front doors, details, positive quotes and the red bricks made me stay longer to photograph them. You will find a selection of my favourite snaps down below.

Some of the streets are Bakkersstraat, Koolbrandersstr and Oostmeers.

More images, click to see the gallery

Bruges is full of history and unique locations.

Please do get lost.

Autumn near the Canals in Bruges Belgium
Autumn near the Canals in Bruges Belgium

Click to see full-screen the photo-gallery of the bridges in Bruges

Autumn near the Canals in Bruges Belgium

3.The view near canals and bridges

We spotted a very chill location near the canal with no one around. I took the chance to take my favourite photographs of the trip.

The typical houses reflected on the water plus the beginning of autumn made this my secret favourite background.

Location: Spaanse Loskaai

Autumn near the Canals in Bruges Belgium

What to Explore?

An entire day is a perfect solution to discover Bruges. These below are some of the tips I give you to make the most out of your day. Explore the city by boat to have a different perspective of the city or by coach. Either way, you will get some interesting info of the city history.

Discover Bruges through my photographs

  • Bruges by Boat. To have an overall view of the city I suggest you go on a boat trip. They start from the Burg area and they take you up and down the canals giving you some interesting facts of the city.
  • Get Lost. I am always driven by some nice house I see in that street of this street so I end up changing the suggested route to discover unusual sights. That’s how we get to Jan Van Eyckplain square or to the City Theatre.
  • The Markt. The Market square in the city centre has the typical Belgium houses with nice triangular roofs in different colours. Next to them, there is the Belfry with its unique front.
  • The Churches. In Bruges, there are some of the most spectacular medieval gothic churches such as St. Saviour’s Cathedral or the Church of our Lady.
Canals of Bruges Belgium
Autumn near the Canals in Bruges Belgium
Autumn in Bruges Belgium

The Best Photography Spots and Blogger Friendly Tips

Use the sunset light of Autumn

Coming to Bruges during the end of summer and start of autumn has its perks and one being the early sunset light. Around 5 pm the light starts colouring of yellow and orange to give this warm tones to photographs.

Try to take snaps of the hidden streets, of the details of houses during this time to double up the beauty of these locations. I photographed the Burg area and the streets near the Congress center during this time.

35mm film in bruges

Find a hidden spot

Alongside our routes of the city, we spotted some lovely locations. First of all the bridge near the Academiestraat and the street alongside the canal. It was on the shades and empty during lunchtime. Absolutely the perfect spot to take pictures with no unwanted people in the background.

The water reflection

Having all these canals and little lakes, it is easy to start and photograph reflections. Reflection of the building, of trees, of anything. When you come to Bruges definitely take at least one camera with you because the phone won’t be enough.

blogger in bruges
neon lights in bruges

Look up at the architecture

The buildings are magnificent but the details of the roofs of their sculpture will take your attention. Do you know that the symbol of Bruges is a bear? You can find one on the corner of Burghers’ Lodge.

Legend says that the first Flemish Count had to defeat a huge bear to gain the city and so he did. To honour the memory of the bear, he chose to put it as the symbol of the city.

Neon signs lights

This is the photography dream! Or at least mine. I have never seen so many neon signs as in Belgium and Bruges has some amazing ones. This candy shop was a delight for my camera (I can only think of the amazing double exposures I could have done here) and it is placed in Zuidzandstraat.

photographing in bruges
Mais Oui Clothing shop in Bruges
Mais Oui Clothing shop in Bruges
Mais Oui Clothing shop in Bruges
Mais Oui Clothing shop in Bruges

Local shops

Mais Oui is an adorable clothing shop near Jan Van Eyckplein square. I was drowned by it by its witty books and blogger-friendly pink cards. Plus the candles and the pretty clothes. And the local sign at the front door says it all.

Mais Oui

Academiestraat 12, 8000 Brugge

shop here

Why Visiting Bruges

Overall Bruges is one of a kind Belgian city. It does feel like going back to the past and it is a blogger dream. The canals corners, the cute parks and the amazing architecture make it perfect for a day trip. Arriving from Brussels it is very easy and you can then explore it by walking.

You will find everything you need to know thanks to #visitbruges. There are tons of suggested routes to follow in order to see everything you like the most: from history to local shops. Believe me, if you go to Belgium, Bruges is a stop you shouldn’t miss.

Have you ever been or wish to visit soon?

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the ultimate travel guide to bruges belgium for the blogger and photography lover
the ultimate travel guide to bruges belgium for the blogger and photography lover
the ultimate travel guide to bruges belgium for the blogger and photography lover

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