Let’s Simplify & A New Era

I haven’t been writing for a long long time. Reality is I didn’t feel like doing it. But finally I know what it is.

I haven’t lose my passion for blogging or photographing. It is swifting my way of showing it. Which means I need to do two things:

  • first of all, I need to SIMPLIFY (capital letters are necessary)
  • I want to write in my own language, Italian, and this is the New Era

I have only lately realised how I love reading and speaking in English – my mind things in English more easily than in Italian – but right now I need to express my writings in Italian.

But worry not, most of the time I will keep showing you my analogue photographs. 😉

Like these pictures. They have been taken last summer before this Minolta camera (dated early 2000) broke leaving me with a collection of broken analogue cameras.

Anyway, I loved the vibe of these pictures, they show the ‘me’ I am finally becoming: connected to nature, happy of what I have and with a big desire to keep growing. And with growing, I also mean learning.

I have found my true North in an astrological way and it makes perfect sense.

I started reading like I used to. And it’s incredible what a book can teach you. I suggest Tender is the Night of Fitzgerald.

I finally left my full-time job. Now I can really help people avoid going through everything I’ve gone through.

I finally left behind the most toxic friend I have ever had. I no longer feel a connection to him. I am grateful for what I have learned because of him. But every time I am with him, I get hurt, I do big mistakes and I am not happy of myself.

And I am finally happy with myself. The way I am. I no longer care about what society says it’s convenient, I am no longer a subject of the opinion of others. It has taken me time and I will stumble sometimes again but I won’t judge me negatively this time.

I am finally ready to travel solo again. In the last few years I felt completely disconnected with solo traveling but now, I have gathered back my strenghts: I love being in the company of myself and I adore travelling. The best things that happened to me were when I flew to America. Long distance wandering (9th house for any astrology freaks like me) is where my Sun sign is. It’s where I express myself better (it also explains why English is favourite language of all).

I am finally free. Free of my own judgements.

And I am grateful for the whole journey and I can’t wait to move forward. I am really really grateful for the world of blogging, its energy and the beautiful people behind blogs.

But let’s stop the ramblings and go back to the info part.

As for blogging how-to, tutorials and photography guides you will be able to still find them in the Archive section. Just on top of the header bar.

It won’t be a goodbye, I will still be around only writing in Italian.

Love you a lot my dear readers and talk soooon.

35mminstyle Cate signature

Ps. Ever thought of taking Italian lessons? 😎

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