My Rayban Holy Trinity: Wayfarer, Round and Clubmaster 35mm in style

My Rayban Holy Trinity

My Rayban Holy Trinity simply means I have collected my favorite Rayban sunglasses! I have the 3 statement sunglasses I have always dreamt of.

My Rayban Holy Trinity

I love statement pieces and when we talk about sunglasses, my all time favorite happens to be Raybans. All of them. I am going to walk you through my mini collection. Obviously they have been purchased in quite a few years, let’s say 5 or even 6, and I love them. They never ever disappoint me. You know, trends come and go (Dior sunnies, Celine, Miu Miu even though they are gorgeous, I don’t feel like they would stay). Instead, these 3 are just the best. Okay, for me.



The Rayban Wayfarer were my first pair of Rayban sunglasses. I had them in black with the inside in a light blue color and I lost them *crying*. I don’t know how or where but probably at uni. So after a while I repurchased them in the classic black color.
They give you a rock’n’roll attitude that I adore. Before I forgot, I need to mention that all these sunnies are the smallest size, the 47-21 or 22.
The Wayfarer are the throw on easily sunnies that goes perfectly anytime I am tired or when I have with puffy eyes.


The Clubmaster are very very very much loved by me. They fit very well, they are light and they made you look effortless chic everywhere you go.

I choose the turtleshell frame with the iconic green lens and I could wear them all day. They are perfect at the beach with the sand waiting to go into your eyes and when you go biking.
They do look even better with your hair up so that the square fit is not covered with loose hair. Definitely they are a must.


And the Rayban Round is my last pair. Purchased them this winter after having tried the rose gold one (absolutely dreamy, they have a rose reflective lens with a matte gold frame but I couldn’t get them because the fit was too big for my face and they don’t do the smallest size there *crying again*).
Even here, I have the smallest fit in the usual green lens with a gold frame. Differently to the Wayfarer, the Round sunnies are extremely light but more delicate. I treat them more gently but they give a cool 70s look and they are so on trend right now.
As I said before, I wish I could get my hands on the colorful version too (rose gold and the polarized red are in my mental wish list) but my face is too small.

I am gonna leave you some links of where to find them but they are very famous and mostly of the time, they do have some discounts. I have never bought one pair at its full price since they are part the Rayban classic pieces.


To be honest, I should also have to add the Rayban Aviator to the Holy Trinity but I absolutely hate it, plus is a trinity, so sorrynotrealltsorry but that model would never fit in my list.

Do you have a fav pair?? Let me know in the comments below

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