35mminstyle wears aries arise

I am an Aries who wears Aries

35mminstyle wearing Aries Arise jeans

There is one street-style brand I adore and it’s called Aries Arise. It calls to me because I am an Aries and very proud to be my zodiac sign.


I am an Aries who wears Aries


Ippodromo di Ferrara, Italy

Photography & Edits:

Bonz + myself


Canon 5D Mark II – 50mm lens

Since I have started working at Slamjam – an e-commerce dedicated to mainly male street-style – I have always wondered who and what was on the street-style market for women.

35mminstyle wears aries arise
35mminstyle wears aries arise
35mminstyle with a Mini Diana and Aries jeans

Aries Arise is the only street-style brand for women I highly recommend

Well well well, my answer has to be Aries. Or better Aries Arise. For someone like me who is born at the beginning of April, being a full Aries in the zodiac sign, finding a brand who celebrates to good qualities (and flaws) of an Aries was just destiny.

You also need to know that I do believe in astrology, signs, moon, the power of gems so this brand is very up my way.

wearing a femme luxe nude top


ippodromo di ferrara
details on aries arise mom jeans

I am a total fire sign – Aries and my ascendent is Leo – that’s why I choose fashion pieces like it’s love at first sight. This has happened for the jeans I am wearing.

This dark wash pair of jeans are high-waisted mom jeans one size smaller than my usual. Unfortunately I couldn’t find my size in the sale, so I ended up taking these home with me and I struggle to take them up.

35mminstyle wearing Aries jeans
35mminstyle wearing Aries jeans

How to Fit in a Smaller Size Jean while Still Eating Normally

After a little fight I was able to close all the buttons and to wear them as a very normal jean. I love the design and the fit of them. Basically all I had to do is close them from the furthest away to the closest. It worked.

So remember to:

  • Close the buttons starting from the last one up
  • Choose a high-waisted fit
  • Choose loose wide legs

Then I worked on proportion and added this Jane of Tarzan top in beige. This top goes alongside a lot of co ords I am wearing lately and some lounge wear sets.

35mminstyle playing with the Mini Diana by Lomography
35mminstyle wearing Femme Luxe top
35mminstyle shooting with a Mini Diana

what I am wearing: Femme Luxe* Beige Top / Aries Arise Jeans (similar) / Alyx Shoes / Lomography Mini Diana

Aries Arise high waisted mom jeans

Got my small Mini Diana in hand to go and find some spot to photograph with a black & white film roll.

I will be sure to add some picture on my portfolio as soon as possible. For now there is already a great selection of my favourite black and white analog photos in 35mm.

mini diana and aries jeans from 35mminstyle

Would you be interested in knowing how I used Lightroom to edit these images? A little editing guide? Let me know.

Blog Photography Guide to become a professional blogger photographer

*These items has been gifted from Femme Luxe but the review is my own.

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