discovering Dallas with your daily mel

Discovering Dallas with Your Daily Mel

discovering Dallas with your daily mel

Fashion & the City is a series of guest posts where I welcome bloggers to share their style and the place that influences them. Our guest for today is Teresa Maria from Outlandish Blog who takes us to the city of Tallinn in Estonia.

Your Daily Mel from Dallas

Discovering Dallas with blogger Mel


& the city

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This series of posts is an ode to places and bloggers. Basically outfits and shoots of bloggers that describe their hometown or the place they live in. This week is time to head to Dallas, Texas and have a little tour with Melody.

If you want to know more about Fashion & The City, head here where you can also check previous guest posts on the page. As said before it’s all about bloggers, their style and their city/country.

Your Daily Mel x Dallas


Blogger: Melody from Your Daily Mel
Where: Dallas, Texas, USA
Melody from Your Daily Mel was so excited in participating in this project that after Christina x Chicago post went live, she immediately email me with her local city: Dallas. Yes, we are still in the USA and I couldn’t be happier. I miss that country after having lived there even for only 4 months. So no time for my memory lane but let’s go have a look at Mel’s pictures and from now on, she will be the one touring you to Dallas! Enjoy.
“Hi guys! Melody here all the way from Dallas, Texas, USA! I’m here to share with you a little bit about my city and why I love it so very much.
For years I’d wanted to move to Dallas. I actually only grew up a couple hours east of it, but growing up it felt light years away. I finished school and just decided to go for it. I knew no one but one friend and the person I was dating at the time. I didn’t realize until later that I’d literally left everyone I’d ever known. It was terrifying. It took some time and a lot of self searching, but I’m happier than I’ve ever been and wouldn’t trade that scary move for all the money in the world! Now, onto the outfit!”
“These outfit photos are some favorites of mine for a couple of reasons. One, I mean, look at that mural. I shot these in my neighborhood, Deep Ellum. It’s right outside of downtown Dallas and it’s old and artsy and grungy and great. There’s never a shortage of live music every night. I was actually just at a show on a Tuesday! There’s a biker bar here, a burlesque lounge, several small music clubs, a candy store, the best barbecue and pizza in Dallas (Pecan Lodge! Serious Pizza!), a world famous tattoo shop (Elm Street!) and just about anything else you can think of. Including dozens of wall murals by local artists. Two, I shot these photos the weekend both of my sisters came down to stay a weekend with me. My youngest one is still in high school and lives at home two hours away, and my middle sister is in grad school and lives an hour and a half away in the opposite direction. I’ve only lived in Dallas for a little over a year so it made me proud to be able to host them both in a place I can call my own!”
“All three of us actually wore crop tops this day and I did separate posts for them in a series I call Sister Style. You can see all three of us in that reflection shot I took!
I actually live right in the middle of several neighborhoods, one of which being Deep Ellum. I’m about a mile and a half between them all. Deep Ellum is your grungy art spot, while Lower Greenville is a hybrid of music and food. There’s no shortage of bars there, either. If you’re looking for a bigger music venue, try the Granada Theater. Any restaurant in Lower Greenville is delicious, but try Blue Fish for sushi and edamame! You will not regret it. Lakewood, the third neighborhood I’m surrounded by, is an older neighborhood. You’ll find places that have been rooted there for decades. Lakewood Landing has beer and delicious burgers, but if you’re looking for late night eats check out Buzzbrews across the street! They serve up a full menu 24/7. It’s a much quieter neighborhood at night and bustles during the day. If you’re looking for a patio to hang on with a beer, this is your ‘hood. “
“The first picture you see there of the skyline was taken the day I looked at my would be apartment. I’d come down to visit my boyfriend at the time and we spent the day driving around experiencing the city. I took this south of town in Trinity Groves where you can really get some killer shots of the skyline and also some terrific food! There’s a trail here called the Trinity Skyline Trail. And it’s literally a trail that gives you an entire wide shot of the whole skyline. It’s completely mesmerizing and I highly recommend it if you’re ever in the city!
Thank you so much Caterina for this opportunity! If any of you are ever in the states, I’d love to hear from you! Seriously. Let’s be friends! Check me out over at! xx”
Thank you Mel! If I ever come to Dallas I now know there is a fellow blogger there to hang out with. How wonderful!!<3

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