4 Spot-on Tips to Start Living a Minimalist Lifestyle 35mminstyle

4 Spot-on Tips to Start Living a Minimalist Lifestyle

4 Spot-on Tips to Start Living a Minimalist Lifestyle 35mminstyle

I have a brand new guest post for you this week; Carolette talks about the 4 spot-on tips to start living a minimalist lifestyle.



4 Spot-on Tips to Start Living a Minimalist Lifestyle

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Albert Einstein once remarked, “Make things as simple as possible but no simpler.” As you set about preparing for a minimalist lifestyle, the words can be intensely inspiring. It isn’t about letting go off all your worldly possessions but a removal of distractions. It is about enjoying the freedom of less on your own terms. It is not about leading an ascetic life but a balanced one where the good life revolves around relationships, experiences, getting rid of stress and shedding the frivolous.

The journey to learn to live a minimalism lifestyle is simple and is not a project that is out of the ordinary. It is a realization of taking a hard look at your intimate motivations and focus on yourself, of taking control of your beliefs and way of living. A minimalist life is entirely achievable.

Get rid of the clutter

The modern-day lifestyle revolves around acquiring things, building life accumulating possessions in pursuit of happiness. Take a closer look, and you would see that this passion leads to a run for more. The first step towards a minimalist lifestyle is to take a pause, step back and observe. They say that to live with less, you must get rid of a lot more.

Just look at your home, your wardrobe, your kitchen, and you would find the reasons why getting stressed is built into our lifestyle. During periodic clean-ups of our wardrobes, how often have we felt stressed letting go that sentimental knitwear that our grandmother weaved for us long back? How about that closet brimming with toys that your kid has overgrown or that missing crockery in your kitchen? The solution lies in decluttering, getting rid of things that are not necessary. Starting is complicated, maybe a bit overwhelming too but the more you view things objectively, you would naturally find ways to change. Start simple and eliminate things that you do not use on a regular basis. Check for items that you do not need anymore, the ones that do not hold meaning for you and toss out the unnecessary.

Go shopping but do not splurge

All of us do need things. Be it grocery, be it clothing or other necessities. Do not rush through, disengage yourself from the race and think through before picking up that bright looking stuff on an impulse. Should you really go for that discount sale and add chaos to the clutter? Instead, when you do need something, buy something that lasts. Pick up a quality item that would last. That would be a wise investment, and you won’t have to go shopping frequently just to replace something that got worn-down or broke down too quickly. Minimalism is after all about a smaller, quieter and calmer life.

Unplug, search for contentment

We realize the feverish pace at which our lives run today, rushing between tasks, multi-tasking, being always connected, yet peace and comfort somehow elude us. We somehow become slaves to the wishes of our employers. The long hours we put in at work look hysteric to the outsider, maybe frivolous to some too. Stick to essentials and let life not be dictated by the possessions of your co-workers or the envy of your neighbor. Build your life on your loved ones, seek happiness in intimate conversations and the small pleasures of daily life.

Be grateful

Practicing minimalism is a matter of the heart and being thankful is an important part. Take time to think, put away your phone. You could start making notes of things that you already have and be grateful for the happiness they have brought you. Take time off to talk, to think about your passions, relax and do these consistently. You would reap the most significant benefits when you take the leap, so act now.

Minimalism is not about being radical. Do not walk off from daily life, getting rid of all things, but just get rid of the excess. You could still have your car, look with pride at all the books that are on your shelves reading which brings you happiness, you could still own some of your gadgets but not getting bogged down with the materialistic. It could be relieving and refreshing. Adopt it as a tool that helps you strip away from what is not necessary and concentrate on aspects that provide more significant meaning to your life.

Guest post written by the lovely Carolette, whom you can contact by mail, see link on top of the page.

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