5 Lifestyle Things to Make your Home Feel Cosy at Xmas Time

A list of those lifestyle things that makes your home feel cosy at Xmas time. Huge duvet and  big throws, perfumed candles, fairy lights and much more.


5 Lifestyle Things to make your Home Cosy at Xmas Time


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It’s back! That time of the year of cosy nights in, huge duvet covers, hot cocoa and perfumed candles is back. It’s officially the month of Christmas! I was wondering what are those things that makes you feel cosier at Xmas time in your house and since I recently moved in my new little apartment, I gathered a list for you and me as well to help have an organized vision.

5 Lifestyle Things to Make your Home Cosy at Xmas Time


First things first, I think that lights makes such an atmosphere in the house. Of course, fairy lights are the easiest and cutest way to create that Xmas feeling any time you want because they don’t only belong to the Xmas tree. Do not just hang the lights randomly. Fix them properly and neatly with the help of the right and convenient tools.

Alongside I want to suggest thinking at rustic chandeliers to give a shabby chic vibe at the living room, especially if your house has a fireplace. I have found great options here on Lights in Home, this is the next step after filling your home with fairy lights of any colors and species (yes, UO I am talking to you!).

Duvet Covers and Throws

Definitely those huge, cosy, furry and colourful throws are ideal for nights in during the winter months. A night with movies or your favourite tv series (I am currently obsessed with Mind Hunter, Stranger Things and Mr Robot just so you know!) require a good throw! Plus my cat loves to keep me company on it.


The analog version of lights are candles. I am not going to say how many I have in my house but candles with a nice jar do make your home really cosy. Plus right now, a lot of brands are promoting Xmas dedicated scents, so be aware that not only Dyptique or Jo Malone are moving in that way. Even though, they are on my Xmas list.

5 Lifestyle Things to Make your Home Cosy at Xmas TimeHot Drinks

Whether it is a hot cocoa with cinnamon, milk with cinnamon or some tea..well, I would dare a big cup is what you need. Check Bluebirdtea shop because they do the most amazing tea flavours for Xmas! Last year I bought a Gingersnap something before Xmas and it was amazing.


As you know very well I am a countrygirl and I cannot live without plants. Get yourself a little pant or flower to keep alive and it will blossom and sparkle in your living room or terrace. I have recently get myself some ivy (it’s poisonous for cats so I keep it in the highest shelf I have!) and a papyrus which looks like a tiny palm.

These are my 5 Lifestyle Things to make your Home Cosy at Xmas Time, what else should I add? Let me know

xx Cate

*This Post is written in collaboration with Lights in Home

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