fashion and the city stylebymavika los angeles

Discovering Los Angeles with StylebyMalvika

fashion and the city stylebymavika los angeles

Fashion & the City is a series of guest posts where I welcome bloggers to share their style and the place that influences them. Our guest for today is Teresa Maria from Outlandish Blog who takes us to the city of Tallinn in Estonia.

StylebyMalvika from Los Angeles

Discovering LA with Malvika


& the city

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Hello everyone, today I am so happy to have a new guest on Fashion & The City! Fashion blogger Malvika is taking us with her to discover some spots in sunny Los Angeles. I can’t wait to discover a little bit more the city of dreams and angels. So let’s start with a Q&A interview.

To start, tell us who you are, what do you blog about and where are you mainly located?

Hi everyone! My name is Malvika and I’m the Founder and Digital Content Creator behind Stylebymalvika, my personal platform dedicated to providing style and beauty inspiration to the driven dreamers of the world.

From how to’s, general trends to look out for, and even just daily outfits to give my audience a glimpse of how certain items look when worn, I like to cover as much of style and beauty as possible, while still sticking to my inherent unique perspective given my background and values as an Indian-American.

Growing up, I’ve always been taught: quality over quantity, and as such, I’ve always advocated for luxury brands, and have been fortunate enough to have partnered with brands such as Jimmy Choo, Clarins, YSL Beauty, Lancome, and more! As of now, I’m mainly located in California, just a few miles outside of the Los Angeles area

What is the best location around you that you would suggest to fashion bloggers?

Around me, by far the best area to be located if you’d like to take up fashion blogging as a career is West Hollywood, because that is where most of the Fashion PR firms are located. Given the nature of the profession, it helps immensely if you are able to locate yourself near PR firms you may be working closely with.

Moreover, influencer/blogger related events usually happen in West Hollywood or neighboring areas, so truly, that would be the most ideal place to stay (if you can afford it).

fashion and the city stylebymalvika
All pictures were taken by photographer Peter Rath.

Location: Pershing Square

Do you have any tips on finding a good location for IG pictures?

This really depends on what you are trying to convey on your Instagram. Is your Instagram mainly focused on aspirational locations? Or is it just important that the items you are wearing are shown in the best way possible? Personally, I think building a beautiful Instagram feed is all about perspective. I love to scour Pinterest for finding different ways to shoot an outfit. I don’t necessarily think it is compulsory to have a beautiful background, especially when your main focus is on clothes.

Look around you, and find a background that has a color, perhaps, that will allow your outfit to be seen in the best way. If you are a true blood “fashion blogger,” then it should be the case that you focus on the clothes. Their color, movement, and shape. However, if the focus is lifestyle AND fashion, then the location might matter a bit more. Either way, here in California, there is no dearth of picture perfect locations!

fashion and the city stylebymalvika
fashion and the city stylebymalvika

What makes your city to be the best blogging-wise ?

What I love about the Greater Los Angeles Area is that it’s not nearly as saturated as New York when it comes to fashion and fashion blogging. The truth is, many people believe New York is the best place to “make it” in fashion, but LA has a lot more space, and likely opportunity, to bring your skills to the forefront of the industry.

Now, I’m not saying it’ll be easy, because LA is one of the favorites among fashion bloggers, but I do believe the people here are generally very receptive to new ideas and new talent!

fashion and the city stylebymalvika
fashion and the city stylebymalvika
Grand Central Market

Thank you so much Malvika for your perspective over blogging and LA! I still believe that locations help in fashion shoots so much. The idea of finding a colourful wall as a background is perfect when you have a bright sunny day. Which is by the way very often in LA.

Have you ever been to the City of Dreams? After having watched La La Land multiple times and having cried multiple times, I can’t help it but calling LA this way. XD

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