3 tips I learned from vix meldrew

3 Blogging Tips I learned from Vix Meldrew

3 tips I learned from vix meldrew

Finally a new episode of this series dedicated to blogging. The 3 blogging tips I learned from, and this week my inspiration comes from Vix Meldrew.

Vix is an adorable blogger who has started to coach bloggers about blogging. How beautiful is all this? I remember I read her blog a long time ago and enjoyed her relationships posts but they weren’t really my style so I moved on. Recently I stumbled across her website and I got stuck for the amazing layout.

She is super reachable and her way of explaining things is perfect for me as well given that I am not an English-born native speaker. 

So from her website, I discovered she also has a podcast series on blogging called Exciting Emails and a Facebook group with the same name, so I jumped right off.

After listening to her podcast, I started taking notes (loads!) and I decided to dedicate this post to the 3 blogging tips I learned from Vix Meldrew.

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3 Tips I learned from Vix Meldrew  


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1.Know Your Niche

Knowing your niche is something super basics and at the same time, we don’t pay much attention to it. Surely I didn’t. I wanted to talk about everything I liked. But to a reader, this is very confusing.

3 tips I learned from Vix Meldrew

Knowing your niche is exactly narrowing down your topics in order for you to be the master of a specific argument. To take me as an example, I am trying to focus more on photography for bloggers.

By doing this, I help everyone who stops by 35mminstyle to immediately figure out who I am and what I write about:

3 tips I learned from Vix Meldrew

A photographer and blogger who takes you behind the scenes of both sides. Giving you tips on how to photograph for fashion, beauty, travel and blogging.

From podcasts to the training session at Glow & Grow (more about it on point number 3), Vix repeats how important is to find and know your niche.

Have you done it already?

3 tips I learned from Vix Meldrew

2.Follow Your Niche

Once you have found about your niche, you need to keep following with it. Be consistent and keep writing about it. Find a pattern. Something to make you immediately recognisable.

I will give you some examples:

  • Be sure to have one post per week about your niche. Example: You write 3 posts per week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) and you are a beauty blogger specialized in Korean beauty. To this extent, you may want to decide to always talk about Korean beauty one specific day. It may be the Monday post. By doing so, people will already expect your opinion on the subject.
  • Cluster your Posts. Write about the niche of yours by creating posts that are all connected. Example: find one topic which may be the rise of Korean Beauty. Write it down then divide it into small topics that are all connected. Each topic will then have dedicated blog posts which link back to the others. This is a very good tip for SEO too.

3.Grow Your Community

After staying in the Fb group community and listening to the podcast at work (instead of listening to music, this is so much more productive and interesting) I discovered she was building a hub for bloggers.

I set up my alarm and I was in Glow&Grow! Now inside this community she offers a lot of insightful information all divided by topics. Every month there is a new one. I adore that everything is super organized but this is not even the best part.

3 tips with vix meldrew

The best part is the community! Through our Slack channel, we can connect one to each other, learn together, ask for advice or help. I simply needed such a platform.

Now be ready for the greatest new which is YOU MAY BE A PART OF IT TOO!
The subscription will open back at the beginning of August and I can’t wait to meet new bloggers. I really hope to find someone else from Italy because I would love to meet up in person.

Anyway creating your community is the third tip.

Whether you build it on your blog or Instagram or anywhere else, this is what you need to focus. Or at least it is my favorite part.

I love to build honest internet relationships, giving advice and sharing my experience with photography and blogging. I simply adore the idea of an online community.

Some more Testimonials

The Grow & Glow community is a very supportive one and not only myself I loved being a part of it and learned quite a lot about blogging. But also these ladies:

Alice-Christina from Alicewonderemporium shares that:

“Grow and Glow has been a huge learning curve for me and I’ve already learnt so much. I feel like I finally understand what my brand is all about, who my audience is and what my content should focus on. I’ve been able to nail down my branding and design elements for lots of different platforms and finally feel I have the confidence to push my blog further than ever before.”

What is the best tip you could give to a new blogger?? Let me know!

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