From Brunette to Platinum Blonde, 35mm in style

Dyeing Hair From Brunette To Platinum

The experience of dyeing my hair platinum blonde from a starting point of dark brunette.

From Brunette to Platinum, dyeing my hair

I have been a brunette my entire life – except for that time a few years ago when I did ombre hair and I ended up half my color and half a nice light brown – I love my natural color and I was honestly thinking of going even darker. But before this, it has been a few months that I am considering the idea of going white/silver.

ME BEFORE | Ph: @goldenwolves 
So in order to get to my beloved silver color, I am going from brunette to platinum. I don’t like blonde on me but I fancy a cold platinum a lot! I have to admit I firstly photoshopped myself with Pinterest images of silver and white hair before heading to the hair dresser. Yes, I haven’t done it myself. I was too dark and with NO expertise in dyeing hair.

what I am wearing // UO ear cuffs – Pull&Bear tank top – Pull&Bear Mom Jeans – Vans Era 59 

I can now be that grunge girl I always wanted to be. Don’t know, but I feel this color suits me. Blame Daenerys Targaryen, Game of Thrones, Amy from the Little Magpie and Victoria from Inthefrow but I couldn’t hold myself anymore..I wanted a change in my hair color. I finally love this hair length – I had to cut them back in Brighton for practical reasons, read: showers no longer than 2 songs – and my last missing part was the color then.
Now I need to wait to see the reaction of my hair to platinum before heading back to the hair salon and trying to get that silver color. This because I have been bleached 4 times, my head was on fire but totally bearable, then they used a white toner to get whiter, all in a good 7/8 hours.

It was a tiring morning, so my hair status is still in development but you will now see me platinum for a little bit! And by the way, in this picture above I feel like I am in an adv from Brandy&Melville…!
What do you think? Was I too crazy? <3
Camera: Canon S110
Edit: Photoshop

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