wanderlust blue with pull & bear cape

Wanderlust Blue with Pull&Bear

Wanderlust Blue with Pull&Bear 

Pieces from Pull&Bear and Boohoo for a very not autumnal look. Big optical knitwear coat, a festival top, a pair of shorts and some boots for this boho outfit.

Wanderlust Blue with Pull&Bear

I am on a wanderlust blue which is pretty obvious by the new series on travel I have started on my blog post. Beside dreaming of which places I want to visit the most, I dress accordingly.
Long story short: there is an abandoned railway track behind the functioning railway station in my hometown and I have always wanted to use it as a background for some pictures. This time I had the perfect outfit, which makes me look like I just came out of a music festival. And if you know me, you would know I would never go there (with some exceptions: Coachella, Lollapalooza – just for the name – and the Wilderness Festival). None of them are close by, so I simply enjoyed dressing up.

This look is sooo not autumnal but it was the end of October, on a surprisingly warm afternoon, and I had some pieces of a late summer Boohoo haul so I said, why not?

Wanderlust Blue with Pull&Bear
what I am wearing? Rayban Round sunnies / Boohoo top / Pull&Bear shorts / Pull&Bear knitwear (similar) / ASOS boots (similar)
The big knit was necessary because as you can tell from almost every pic, I was freezing. The weather was mild, but the wind was not helping. It is a big knit I bought two years ago from Pull&Bear and I love how fluffy and big is. The pattern then is optical and geometric, it does say festival season!
As for the shorts from Pull&Bear, they are not new to you because I wore them in too many outfits  (I just can’t stop!!) but they are perfect in this look. I love all the little sketches on them and even more I appreciate how high-waisted they are!. As for the Boohoo top, I wasn’t sure about the fit of this A shape, but I adore it. It brought me back to my early teens where I used to have lot of this kind of tops. Obviously the Indian pattern circle is very me. To conclude I had to add my go-to sunnies, the Rayban Round and this pair of Asos boots with a wooden heel.

Wanderlust Blue with Pull&Bear Wanderlust Blue with Pull&Bear
Wanderlust Blue with Pull&Bear Wanderlust Blue with Pull&Bear

P.S. Pretty aware that half the pics I chose are out of focus but I like them this way.


Camera: Nikon D5000
Edit: Adobe Photoshop

Hope you like this outfit. Absolutely out of season but who cares. Also, could you notice that a mosquito bit me exactly on my eyebrow?!

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