the Italian Countryside 35mm in style

The Italian Countryside

Some suggestions if you want to come to a different part of Italy, less touristic and renowned but still pretty if you are nature lovers, the Italian countryside.

The Italian Countryside

I was home the past ten days, and after days over days of constant rain, the sun came out. The sky was simply the natural background of endless clouds. The wheat was struck down by the wind but it is home to me.
I feel I have never really talked of my land. I am from a small non-village called Chiesuol del Fosso south of Ferrara in Italy. Each one of these pictures are from it. It is open countryside and it is the only place where I can breathe.

Funny story, last time I was in London I was stopped by 3 men, each one of them was flirting with me, one in particular was sure to understand women and me especially and he was like:

“So you like the sea?” I was, no.

“oh then you’d love to live in London, right?” I was still no. I like the countryside, that’s where I’d live.

“So you are a quiet girl?” I was again, no.

What kind of deductions was he doing? Sorry but I was really pissed off and I just told you this anecdote because I am a country girl by heart, I am fascinated by big cities but I could never live there. I love small towns because my entire life I have missed the sense of community and I wish to have lived it, but I can’t breathe there. I need the open fields, seeing far away and touching nature.

I don’t know why I am being so damn poetic. Anyway these are the landscapes you will easily find doing a road trip in the Italian central countryside, where I am from.
where? Ferrara

I take tons of pictures like this one: a central endless road and something important in front of it. A finished film roll in this case.

Here, you have the vineyard and below a close-up of the wheat. The blinding yellow is so reassuring to me. Hope you enjoyed this little travel suggestions/photography post.

Camera: iPhone 5
Edited with Vscocam app
What and where is your happy place?

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