How to wear faux leather leggings
How to wear faux leather leggings

Now with the season in between cold and warmer days, it is time to prepare ourselves to wear faux leather leggings without freezing like popsicles. Let me show you how I style faux leather pants.


How to Wear Faux Leather Leggings

Location: Palazzo dei Diamanti, FE – more info here

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This is a post where the items marked with * were kindly gifted to me from Femme Luxe for review purpose.

The Best Way To Wear Faux Leather Pants

With no further due, the best way to wear faux leather leggings is to use them as tights. Reason why I opted for a long knitwear dress with a turtleneck. Yes, temperatures are getting high but the wind is still incredibly chill.

How to wear faux leather leggings

Alongside the knit jumper I am wearing my faux leather jacket from Primark – an incredible bargain – and some old Topshop boots. Some women leather jacket is a necessary item in everybody’s wardrobe. Since the faux leather leggings are so tight, I’d love to wear something loose above, in fact this cosy jumper is too stretchy at all and very comfortable. Quality like is not the greatest and I think next year I won’t be able to use it again. It gets damaged really quickly, it is already losing fabrics but for a quick knitwear dress, it does its job.

Palazzo Prosperi Sacrati Ferrara
How to wear faux leather leggings

what I am wearing: Femme Luxe Knitwear Jumper* / Femme Luxe Faux Leather Pants* / Primark Faux Leather Jacket / Topshop Boots / Zara Bag

How to wear faux leather leggings

Leggings instead looks like a second skin, don’t forget they are high-waisted and they are long lasting for sure. The effect desired is casual with a little rock twist. For more alternatives, check out these mini dress that would be amazing with the pants or some midi dresses.

How to wear faux leather leggings
How to wear faux leather leggings

Do you like this look? It was so bloody windy that day so sorry for my even messier hair!

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