nike sport

Sport Spice ft. Nike

love is a ghost you can’t control

what am I wearing?

Diesel hoodie/jumper/sweater 
Nike Sport Bra – x
Boohoo disco pants – x
Nike iD Roche Run 
And this is my sport side. I am seriously obsessed with sports bras and – stay tuned – I will do a proper shoot/video soon. I love staying outside, running, cycling, take a walk through the park; I’m not the go-to-the-gym-girl and the only reason I go there is to see my friends. Unusual I know, but who said I was normal?

This useless introduction is to point out Disco Pants again and as last option: why not wear them in a way Sport Spice would approve? (here’s the 90s girl in me talking!)
Nike, Adidas and so many other brands are doing amazing sports bras in so many different colors and patterns. I love them but – don’t ask me why – I’m instead drawn to black and white. So while walking through town, I couldn’t resist taking some pictures of my monochrome outfit opposed to this bright yellow wall. It was love at first sight! 
Then, the Roche Run Nike color “stracciatella” I styled them myself on the Nike site! (to learn more about it, I wrote this blog post this summer) What do you think: yeah or no?

If you are curious to see it live, here’s the video where I’ve styled it. Let me know what you think of it.
xo xo from Italy  – Cate
*song at the beginning: The Words by Christina Perri

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