The Pink Skincare for Glowy Skin

The Pink Skincare for Glowy Skin follows this trend of pink products with great ingredients which help us having a brighter skin.


The Pink Skincare for Glowy Skin






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The Beauty Alien which is in me during this last period has started digging some info about skincare. After listening to a few podcasts and watching some youtube videos, I have learned that we need to look for specific skincare products depending on what type pf skin we have. Bearing in mind, the type of skin changes even in a week. At least that’s me.

After doing some homemade tests (soon a blogpost don’t worry) I learned that I have a combination skin and a dry skin. When I don’t use the right products or I don’t clean my face too well, I then occasionally get my hated acne-prone skin. So this is a little summary of my easy skin. I wish I had normal skin, everything would be so easier but no. At least I have to try a good few products.

And today I want to talk about the pink skincare for glowy skin. Lately my skin appears dull, very pale since I struggle to find a good skincare routine these winter months. I have noticed how these 5 products have been particular good in clearing skin and make it look more alive and bright. And yes, all of them are PINK!

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The serum

Bionike Defence Hydra5 Booster

This Bionike serum is defined as an intensive moisturising serum for all skin types. Now for my very dry skin this has done miracles. I applied this before my usual night cream and in the morning my face was very soft and full because of the hyaluronic acid which sinks deeper than a normal cream.

Usually I am not a serum fan because the one I used made no difference at all but this one is really good and it does its job.

The Mask

Bionike Defence Mask Instant Glow

This one is an illuminating feeling mask for fatigued, dull skin. Luckily it’s not a pell-off masks, I hate them, rather a 60 seconds mask. You actually leave it on for only one minute, rinse it off and done. Your skin looks invigorated, brighter and healthy. This mask contain glycolic acid, lactic acid, lychee extract and squalane that’s why it is so effective but delicate. It is really recommended for all skin types and remember how difficult and changeable by skin is.

Pink Skincare for Glowy Skin 35mminstyle

what’s in the pics: Alexa Chung IT / Bionike Defence Mask Instant Glow / Bionike Defence Hydra5 Booster

Pink Skincare for Glowy Skin 35mminstyle

The exfolliants

SAND&SKY Australian Pink Clay

Okay I thought this one was only an Instagram commercial but to my surprise it is the best. For acne-prone skin this mattifying and invigorating exfoliant is magical. The Australian Pink Clay is a flash perfection exfoliating treatment and it can be used in two ways.

  1. Likely 3 times a week: put it on moist skin, leave it for 5 minutes and then rinse it off with warm water. The skin appears mattified and above all clean. Redness has also been smoothed.
  2. As a mask: leave it on for 20 minutes, since there is clay its effect will be then more intense. Of course this is not an everyday routine but I would say only when you have breakout skin.

I am loving it, I tend to put it on before shower and even though it has a muddy kind of smell, I couldn’t be happier of its results.

Pink Skincare for Glowy Skin 35mminstyle
Pink Skincare for Glowy Skin 35mminstyle

what’s in the pictures: inthefrow The New Fashion Rules / SAND&SKY Australian Pink Clay / BOTANICS All Bright Night Cream / BOTANICS All Bright Purifying Face Scrub

BOTANICS All Bright Purifying Face Scrub

Now this scrub is more gentle and delicate than the Australian Pink Clay. It’s a soft cream with tiny walnut shell and crushed apricot seeds to scrub. Plus it has AHA from the hibiscus plant. Normally I use it almost daily under the shower. The smell is sweet and amazing. I found this line in Boots when I was visiting Edinburgh (have you seen the dedicated post of Instagram posts by the way?) and I was surprised I never heard of this before. It’s all made with natural ingredients and it is cheap. Like the basic Superdrug skincare line, I am sold.

Pink Skincare for Glowy Skin 35mminstyle

The Night Cream

BOTANICS All Bright Hydrating Night Cream

This is a very gentle, calming and cold night cream. It can be used daily as a final step of your night skincare routine and I have found it so ideal. One or twice a week I use the Sunday Riley Luna oil but the remaining days this is what I go for. This cream is fortified with natural exfoliating AHAs from the hibiscus plant and gently refined dead skin cells while you sleep so that you awaken to brighter and healthier skin.

Pink Skincare for Glowy Skin 35mminstyle

All these 5 products have a different shade of pink and their main action is directed to give a brighter and glowy final skin. I am really happy with these 5 that I have actually find out a 6th product although it is only pink in the packaging! Next time I will talk of the Saturday Skin cleanser!

What’s the best product you use for glowy skin? Let me know.

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