4 summer skincare tips 35mminstyle

4 Summer Skincare Tips You Must Read

4 summer skincare tips 35mminstyle

Our lifestyle greatly changes the way our skin looks and feels so here is a guest post about the 4 summer skincare tips you must read.


4 Summer Skincare Tips You Must Read

Guest Post:

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As we age, our skin gets affected by multiple factors such as the outer atmosphere, poor diet, lack of hydration and the like. Mainly, our lifestyle greatly changes the way our skin looks and feels.

Our skin is just like a flower that needs to be watered. Otherwise, it takes no time to wither away. If you want to maintain the health and glow of your skin, you must incorporate a few steps in your lifestyle permanently. We all know how busy life is and nobody has time to spend hours in pampering their skin.

Fret not! Let me give you some quick and super effective tips that will help bring a beautiful glow on your skin without putting much time and efforts. So, read through and thank me later!

A Nighttime Brightening Serum

Serums are so popular in today’s world and the reason is their thin consistency and effectiveness. Using a serum at night for brightening the skin helps a lot. While sleeping, our skin activates and starts the process of regeneration. Applying a brightening serum before going to bed, helps improve the glow on skin. Make sure it has vitamin C in it as it helps brighten the skin and strengthen collagen production.

4 summer skincare tips 35mminstyle

Sunscreen for Three Times a Day

A lot of women wear foundation with SPF in it and skip sunscreen. Applying makeup that contains SPF is never enough. Make sure you get your hands on a sunscreen that does not only have high SPF but also suits your skin. Apply the sunscreen at least two to three times a day for complete skin protection.

Refresh Your Skin with Facial Mist

With all the workload and heat throughout the day, the skin gets tired and dull in the outer atmosphere. Facial mists are a great way to give a refreshing hydration boost to the skin. The skin gets dehydrated easily and needs a boost. Dehydrated skin appears too dull and has no glow either.

Keeping a facial toner or mist in your bag at all times can help you keep your skin hydrated and soothed. It will also help improve the healthy glow on the skin.

Less or No Makeup Days

Although I know it is almost impossible for ladies who regularly step out of home, but I highly recommend lesser use of makeup, especially pore-clogging products. Wearing a foundation with a heavy coverage like most women do can deeply clog your pores, cause acne on your skin and even damage your skin.

Make sure you get your hands on a tinted moisturizer instead that is very lightweight and formulated for daily wear. And take all the makeup off as soon as you get home and thoroughly cleanse your face. It will prevent your skin from damaging because of the dirt and oil that lingers on top of your makeup.

About the author

Emma Hanson is a mother of two, a skincare freak and an avid reader. She loves trying out new products and treatments for healthy and glowing skin. She shares her knowledge and experience by writing regularly on her blog. She is one of the co-founders of http://www.clearawayacne.com/.
Hope you like this little insert on the blog – to me it was really helpful.
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