the effective skincare routine for combination skin

The Effective Skincare Routine for Combo Skin tested by a Beauty Alien


The Best Skincare Routine for Combo Skin tested by a Beauty Alien aka me tells you about my morning and night routine. Which skincare products I have tried that have been great for my mixed skin.


Skincare Routine

The Effective Skincare Routine for Combination Skin tested by a Beauty Alien



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Skincare Routine for Mixed/Combination Skin?

Firstly I need to explain the difficulty of my skin. I have always thought of having an impure acne-prone skin. Yes, but that’s not all. By now, after year and year of using the wrong products, I have learned what type of skin is mine. It’s a mixed skin, meaning I have it all: it’s dry all day long, really delicate that too moisturizing products are the devil, oily in the evening and acne-prone.


After having tried so many products, I have found a balance that works really well both in winter and I am currently testing the summertime with good results. The Beauty Alien in me has learned four basic rules:


– Daily Skincare Routine (remove make-up ALWAYS! instead if you forget to moisturize your face one night, that’s totally fine)

– Positive Attitude (the most difficult point! Trying to be happy and not worry too much on how we look, makes it easier to achieve results)

– Eat well. Fruits, vegetables, sweets, carbs, anything but in right amounts.

– Exercise. For me doing a planned set of exercises 3 times a week helps me stay lean and clears my skin from within. Toxins are expelled through sweating.

Having said that, I want to be more specific on my daily skincare routine dividing in two main moment: morning skincare routine and night skincare routine.


My Morning Skincare Routine

In the morning I wash my face and then apply 3 different products. The first one is a hydrating cream. Used by its own is worthless but combined with other skincare products is perfect.

First product is so the Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA by the Ordinary. I have already talked of it in my The Ordinary for Acne Skin post and this time I repurchased the big bottle.

It follows a cream that smells like an anti mosquito spray but I don’t actually mind the strong scent. It’s the Dr. Jart+ Cicapair. Described as a colour correcting treatment, it’s a delicate green cream that once applied on the skin turns nude and perfectly sinks into the skin covering all the redness and acting as a healing cream as well. By being a specific treatment I have found that by itself at the end of the day your skin gets dry but used with the Ordinary cream below is PERFECT.

As number three, I then use a Sephora cream gel with green tea that calms my redness and leave my skin fresh and soft. It’s from their own line and it’s light as my mixed skin requires.

Using these three products every morning has helped me a lot to reduce my acne. I still have scars and I still gets annoying pimples but I can see results. 

Exercising, eating well and drinking WATER has improved my skin alongside using skincare products.


Skincare Routine for Mixed Skin 35mminstyle Skincare Routine for Mixed Skin 35mminstyle

Skincare Routine for Mixed Skin 35mminstyle

Skincare Routine for Mixed Skin 35mminstyle


Skincare Routine for Mixed Skin 35mminstyleMy Night Skincare Routine

My night skincare routine is actually faster. After having removed my make-up or not make-up with a cream cleanser, I use a toner and I then pass to these two beauties. Two products that have been reviewed from the start of blogging!

Sunday Riley Sleeping Night Oil is the first and ever oil I would use to my face. Everybody says it has a strong repelling scent: I love it. To me it smells of chamomile, the actual flower you find in the fields.

It has a deep blue/dark green colour and you just need a few drops and you will see miracles the day after. At the beginning I wouldn’t recommend to apply it every night because it’s very strong but twice a week. Then you can go every night or anytime you feel like you need a deep night moisturizer.

The second products is Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado. Best cream ever for the undereyes. Whenever you get puffy eyes, this is my solution. It’s a light cream that feels very watery hence perfect for such a delicate zone of our face.

In the end, my daily skincare routine for mixed skin is very simple but very effective. Especially if bearing in mind the four rules.

I know it sounds maybe too much, but it’s not. Hope this might be helpful for you. I am here if you have any doubts.

Skincare Routine for Mixed Skin 35mminstyle

What’s your skincare routine? Have you ever had troubles defining your type of skin?

Let me know. xo xo Cate

Skincare Routine for Mixed Skin 35mminstyle

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