My film camera collection 35mminstyle
My film camera collection 35mminstyle

A post to show you my little film camera collection where you can discover what I use to shoot analogue in 35mm. A dedicated post to 120mm film camera will come next.


My Film Camera Collection


As this blog is called 35mminstyle half of it should be about film photography. I feel like I need to improve this part and stop blaming time for not making it as I wish. Anyhow, my film camera collection dedicated to 35mm cameras is actually pretty small.

I started out with a Yashica FRI (my father’s) but after one year it broke down. So I kept the string because it has original 70s vibes and added to the ‘newest’ Pentax ME.

My main camera: Pentax ME

This camera was used and again after one year, it broke down. This time was the shutter speed closure which was damaged but I already had 2 lenses and I didn’t want to change it again. Now it is working but let me tell you a bit of pro & cons.

My film camera collection 35mminstyle


  • it’s lightweight
  • pretty to look at
  • flash connection


  • double exposures are tricky here
  • it isn’t completely manual. You can choose aperture but not shutter speed
  • since it’s made of metal it doesn’t stand cold temperatures
My film camera collection 35mminstyle
My film camera collection 35mminstyle

Overall I adore it because I can take it with me everywhere I go. My two main lenses are a 50mm 1.8 and a 200mm 4.5. I then have an old flash to add when I need to shoot in the dark and I honestly adore flashed pictures.

My double exposure camera: Mini Diana

The Mini Diana from Lomography is a freaking cheap camera that looks like is out of a cartoon but it is quite handy if you like double exposures like me. It is half framed so whether you use a 24 or 36 exp film roll you will get the double 48 img and 72 respectively. Also it has the function to shoot with a 1:1 dimension (old instagram style). It is a funny camera but quite delicate.

My film camera collection 35mminstyle

Also since there is no option other than it is sunny or cloudy, quality speaking it is not the best. Images might be blurry also because depth of field is chosen approximately by distance.

Whereas for double exposure it is super great. I did so many great multiple exposures without killing my Pentax as I did before. Still, the only downside is the quality, half-framed pictures are really small, hence why I am starting to thing of a 120mm alternative.

My film camera collection 35mminstyle

Where to find them online

My film camera collection 35mminstyle

Lomography is a little analog temple for such little cameras. I bought this one with gift card of amazon last year.

Amazon as well has a lot of choices of analog film cameras. Then you can decide to buy them in small markets or in photography shops, they usually have a used section. #filmisnotdead.

Have you ever thought of going back in years and shoot analogue? Maybe your grandpa, dad, mum, some relative of yours have a dusty old camera hidden in a box. It is time to take that out and use it! Or to tell me and I will use it XD

Happy shooting xx

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My film camera collection 35mminstyle
my film camera collection
my film camera collection

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