Brick Lane in London on a 35mm film roll

Brick Lane in a Photograph

And yet, here we are again, with some more analog pictures. I got developed my film roll from when I headed to London in June. This 35mm film roll contains my day trip to Shoreditch and Brick Lane. I honestly loved the East End, my first time ever there.

Brick Lane in a Photograph

I wanted to go to London, since it is so close to Brighton by train and I wanted to see a new neighborhood. I love grunge and everything weird so the graffiti scene in Shoreditch was just what I needed.
I ventured solo because my friend lately decided not to come but whatever. I firstly wandered around Shoreditch where Banksy and Banksy’s tours are huge and I took my first picture (the one above with the kids) without knowing it was a double exposure from the fun fair back in Brighton the month before. Anyway I really love the result. From Shoreditch I went to Hackney to find the Hackney farm because I heard there was one farm in Central London and I needed to see it. I fell in love with those little baby pigs… and a goose.
Then went down to Brick Lane and wow! Just wow! Graffiti there are on another level plus crazy things happens. There was a guy who went by, sticking hats on high poles. Still not sure why! My friend suggested so we has his whole wardrobe handy on the streets – but I am afraid he’s mistaken. Anyhow, from there I kept walking south to the City and followed people because they looked great in pictures and I was right (see the girl in the black&white striped dress I stalked below).
It was an awesome day, I love doing day trips exploring new places but I also find it very tiring and tense. Like, it was just 6pm and I felt extremely tired, overwhelmed by feelings and impulses and London does not help with this. That’s why I could never live there by myself – I am not that strong. But I loved very much all the different sides of London – it is incredible. I haven’t traveled everywhere but London is still my favorite city. What’s yours?

Anyway enjoy the photographs!!<3 and tell me your fav at the end(:

Shoreditch – this outdoor basketball court reminded me of NYC of course
Hackney farm – how adorable is that little one?
Hackney farm 2 – the tail!! I was like in the film Babe!
Famous Brick Lane
Hello America again!
My fav graffiti around Brick Lane
Brick Lane – How insane is this?
Spitafields Markets – love the neon sign as always
The City – stalking this lovely lady. I love fashion street photography.


Camera: Yashica frI
Film roll: 200 ISO old

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