Top 5 Party Essentials 35mminstyle

Top 5 Party Essentials Every Host Should Have

Top 5 Party Essentials 35mminstyle

A list of those top 5 party essentials every host should have. Now that I have my own little apartment, I absolutely love talking about these lifestyle tips.


Top 5 Party Essentials Every Host Should Have

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Who doesn’t love a great party? While in an ideal world we would all love to be the host with the most, sadly, we don’t all have a bank account to pull that off. That doesn’t mean that you can’t create an outstanding party that your friends will be talking about for years to come. Yes, that’s right, you can throw a party that everyone will compare theirs to. How can you pull off an event to make even the biggest party planner jealous? Well, there are a few essentials that any party host should have on hand to pull off an incredible party. The good news is once you’ve bought them you won’t need to so again, you’ll choose versatile products that will do for any type of event or celebration. Better yet, they’ll do for any sized budget.

Top 5 Party Essentials 35mminstyle

1. A Beverage Dispenser With Class

What party would be complete without drinks that flow freely all night? You will probably want one that works for parties that you might throw indoors or outdoors. It’s not just about dispensing delicious beverages, though, the idea is that you provide your guests with a focal point and something to talk about. Think of your beverage dispenser as an iconic piece of décor that guests will look forward to seeing at every party you throw.

Don’t forget to find the perfect recipe for your party night.

2. Wine Glass Markers

Yes, you could provide your company with disposable cups and plastic wine glasses or you could retain the classiness of your affair by providing charming wine glass markers. Let’s be honest, parties are social affairs and no one sits in one place for very long. So, as your guests make their way around each of the other guests they might put their drink down and forget where they left it. Well, with a wine glass charm your guests can keep a keen eye on their drink no matter where they go. There are all types of charms, whether you want to go seriously high class, keep it basic or shop somewhere in the middle. Now you need to find a solution for tumblers and beer glasses.

Top 5 Party Essentials 35mminstyle3. Platters & More

Serving food? You’re going to need platters to serve your appetizers and dishes on. You can opt for a basic white that you can jazz up with festive napkins or go red to get in the festive spirit. You will want to buy different sizes and shapes, though, so make sure you have oval platters, rectangular ones as well as square platters. Don’t forget to get them the right size to suit all different appetizers and dishes you’re serving.

4. Beverage Storage

Again, a drinks related conundrum. In your youth, this wasn’t as complicated – you probably emptied a bag of ice into the sink and tossed your canned and bottled beverages into it. That’s not exactly a high-class solution to an age-old problem, though, is it? Instead, create a beverage tub to keep drinks on ice and easily accessible for all your guests. Let’s be honest, you don’t want people traipsing through the kitchen if you’re preparing food. It’s a far more attractive option.

5. Votive Candle Holders

What better way to set the mood for your evening than with some classy candle holders? You can stick to the basics or choose some glittery numbers instead. Either way, you can cluster them into a centrepiece or scatter them to create a bit of ambience (nothing to stop you from doing both, though). No matter how you choose to decorate with them, they’re the perfect finishing touch to your party.

Of course, you don’t want to forget cutting boards (which can also be used to serve food), cocktail forks, serving spoons, and any other type of utensils that your guests will need to serve themselves and eat snacks. As noted above, drinks are important so don’t forget to have plenty of glasses – wine, beer, small cups, and tumblers for spirits. Of course, you’ll need plates for appetizers, too. Provide your guests with a small bin nearby so they can dispose of their rubbish. It will make your clean-up much easier.

Top 5 Party Essentials 35mminstyle

It doesn’t matter what size your party is going to be, you want to throw a successful evening – with the above essentials you can pull it off even at the shortest notice.

Once you have made the above purchases, you can fit in some festive cheer to adapt your party essentials to the correct time of year. Do you have a run of parties coming up and you feel nervous about hosting? Don’t, with House of Fraser 50% Off Party Essentials & Select Items you can ensure you have all the essentials to pull of the best party ever.

These are the Top 5 Party Essentials Every Host Should Have, what else should we add? Let me know

xx Cate

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