Venice Italy 35mminstyle

Venice, Italy

Venice Italy 35mminstyle

This summer I took my American-Peruvian-Middkid friend Shirel walking around Italy in the hottest week ever.

Here we wandered around the magical little streets of Venice, Italy.


Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy
Shirel & me
Canon 5D Mark III

I know we are in full winter and I am pretty aware I haven’t written a post on travel in quite sometimes. Today this is going to change. I finally had time to check and edit my Venice captures of this summer and this is it.

Venice Italy 35mminstyle


Me and my friend Shirel decided to take the train up to Venice, Italy. It was one of the hottest week I can remember. In my hometown Ferrara, everyday day the temperature was in between 40 and 43° C. It was insane. Steamy hot and humid. Luckily Venice was slightly less warm, so we were very glad to end up wandering through tiny streets (called “calle”).

Of course as Italian, I have been to Venice a few times but Shirel had never seen it. We decided to go there and she loved it so much – I mean, how can you resist Venice? We actually spied on a movie set where actors including Jonathan Rhys Meyers were melting down in costumes. Shirel majored in film-making so you can wonder the excitement of both of us.

Instead I was trying my camera out for the first time and I enjoyed very much. Architecture speaking, Venice is a mixture of Arabian and Gothic influences that makes it unique. You can see here below how incredible it was.

Venice, Italy 35mminstyle Venice, Italy 35mminstyle

Plus, I managed to go to the famous hidden bookstore with the stairs made of books where I have found my deck of Tarots (after watching Penny Dreadful I got obsessed!). I have written the address for you. The bookstore is full full of books, used and new ones, a gondola (the typical Venetian boat – covered in books obviously), posters, a cat and so many other things. It is so surreal and worth visiting.

Acqua Alta Bookstore

Calle Longa Santa Maria Formosa 5176B


Have you ever been to Venice?

Did you know of this place? Because I have found it through bloggers, actually!

Let me know.

xx Cate


Venice Italy Travel Guide 35mminstyle

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